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Aqua Lung Core Supreme + Wave Package

Aqua Lung Core Supreme + Wave Package
Aqualung Wave Core Supreme Package Aqualung Wave BCD Aqualung Wave BCD Aqualung Core Supreme Regulator Set

BCD+Full Reg Set: Value added scuba starter package based around the high-end Aqua Lung cold water Core Supreme regulator set including octopus and SPG as well as the versatile, rugged, fade-resistant entry level jacket style Wave BCD with proprietary backpack and carrying handle.

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What we like about this BCD + Regulator package is its value for money without compromise from reliable quality - based around the high-end technology Aqua Lung "cold water" Core Supreme regulator set and robust jacket style WAVE buoyancy compensator. The Core Supreme features a balanced 1st and 2nd stage for optimal performance underwater with a patented Auto Closure Device on the first stage to avoid water ingress, making it a cold water regulator great for year-round diving but also ideal for travel due to its light weight. Combined with the rugged, 1000D Armorshield Cordura™ fade-resistant Wave BCD with proprietary backpack this set should last for years.

Package Includes:

  • Aqua Lung Wave BCD
  • Aqua Lung Core Supreme 1st Stage
  • Aqua Lung Core Supreme 2nd Stage with Aqua Flex hose
  • Aqua Lung Core Supreme Octopus with yellow Aqua Flex Hose
  • Aqua Lung Submersible Pressure Gauge with HP Hose

Wave BCD

Made from tough, fade-resistant Cordura™, the Aqua Lung Wave is a tough BCD that resists fading to look good after any adventure while also reducing abrasion to the skin, making it an ideal choice for beginner divers as well as training in salt and chlorine water environments.

The Wave comes with a scooped octo-pocket on the top, front of the right lobe, which makes it easy to stow and release your octopus, ensuring it remains accessible and visible at all times whilst being kept close to the body to reduce drag and keep the apparatus protected from damage. The Wave also offers the option to run the instrumentation behind the left pocket and out of the scooped opening on the top left of the lobe of the BCD.

Available in 6 sizes, including XXS and, with adjustable waist and chest straps, the Wave will suit almost every diver. Additionally, the XXS size BCD also offers an optional tank band for a 30cf cylinder which is ideal for junior divers.

The Wave BCD has two large, easy-to-access, utility pockets which can be found on either side of the jacket for safe storage as well as two stainless steel flat D-rings for all your accessories. Lower rear dump with hi-viz orange pull bob is useful to reduce buoyancy rapidly and safely in either a horizontal or head down orientation.

Aqualung Wave BCD

Wave BCD Features:

  • Made from tough, fade-resistant 1000D Armorshield® Cordura™
  • A proprietary backpack has a built in carrying handle and a traction pad to reduce tank slippage.
  • The waistband is adjustable in the back to accommodate a wide range of waist sizes
  • A scooped octo-pocket on the top, front of the right lobe makes it easy to stow and deploy an octopus. The octopus remains visible and accessible throughout the dive
  • Some divers may find it useful to run their instruments behind the left pocket and out the scooped opening on the top, front of the lobe
  • Large, easy-to-access, utility pockets are found on either side
  • Features 2 stainless steel flat D-rings for all of your accessories.
  • Right shoulder pull dump with hi-viz orange pull bob is easy to locate and use.
  • Lower rear dump with hi-viz orange pull bob is useful for horizontal or head down orientation
  • The chest strap can be adjusted for personal comfort
  • The exterior is fade resistant and abrasion resistant
  • Comes in 6 sizes including XXS. The XXS size also features:
    • An optional tank band for a 30 cu. ft. cylinder (p/n 427056)
  • Optional accessories include the Airsource, Squeeze-lock knife and reflector kit

At a glance: The Core SUPREME Set

The Aqua Lung Core Supreme  is a balanced cold-water regulator set resistant to freezing in waters colder than 10C due to its environmental dry chamber and a patented heat exchanger that dissipates the cold while drawing in warmth from the surrounding ambient water.  It offers exceptional breathing performance at a wide range of breathing rates and depth.

It has a simple, lightweight, symmetric design 2nd Stage with an easy to push purge button that covers the entire face and a large Venturi lever that  can easily be adjusted even while wearing thick gloves, both to prevent unwanted free-flow on the surface and to deliver optimum performance at depth.

Another neat feauture of this regulator is the Auto Closure Device (ACD) that seals the regulator’s inlet keeping corrosive water and contaminants out of the system during rinsing and storage.

Aqua Lung Core Supreme First Stage

The very core of the Aqua Lung Core Supreme set is it's balanced diaphragm design First Stage. The Environmental Dry Kit and Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance makes it a reliable cold water regulator even in waters colder than 10C.

The T-shape of the balanced, forged-brass and multi-coating chrome first stage optimises the location of the 2 x high pressure and 4 x medium pressure ports for a good hose routing.

  • Forged brass construction and multi-coating chrome
  • Stainless steel removable crown
  • Flow rate at 200 b : 1450 l/min
  • Connection: (Recommended) DIN 300 Bar - or Yoke (A-clamp) 232 Bar
  • Polyurethane protector
  • Weight in DIN: 510 g
  • Weight in Yoke: 700 g

Aqua Lung Core Supreme Regulator


Aqua Lung Core Supreme Second Stage

Weighing just 178g it is an ideal option for travelling divers and is equally suitable for cold water diving. The steel swivel that connects the intermediate pressure hose to the 2nd stage which surrounds its valve mechanism, is framed with multiple "heat sinks" that  absorb the heat from the surrounding water and dissipate the cold generated when the gas expands.

The Aqua Lung Core Supreme second stage is pneumatically balanced with a down stream poppet mechanism. An easy-grip venturi lever that can be operated even with thick gloves and Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece complement the 2nd stage. The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece which comes with a reusable clamp is specially designed to reduce jaw fatigue and fits right into the denture, fixing itself on the roof of the mouth. The advantage being not having bite down to hold on to the regulator. 

  • Polyurethane purge cover
  • Venturi adjustment
  • Cracking effort: 3,3 to 4,3 mbar
  • Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores average: 0.84 joules/litre

Aqua Lung Core Supreme Regulator



Aqua Lung Core Supreme Octopus

The Core Supreme Octopus is a reliable cold water alternate air source regulator. It feautures a pneumatically balanced second stage for optimal performance and superior ease of breathing underwater.

  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in superior ease-of breathing
  • The venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow when not in use
  • High visibility 39" yellow hose and high visibility yellow cover makes it easy to locate in an emergency


Aqua Lung Single SPG

The Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge is a clear easy to read gauge which also gives you your current temperature. Available as a single pressure gauge or in combination with a depth gauge or depth and compass module.

  • Easy-to-read scale up to  350 bar rated
  • Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light
  • Integrated temperature scale
  • Nitrox compatible up to 50%
  • Swiss made, shock resistant Bourdon tube
  • One way safety valve
  • Hose length  36"/ 91.44cm

If you're starting diving and want a long term term solution for gauging depth, time, temperature underwater and compute your dive profile with allowable bottom times, ascend speeds, safety stops based on multiple diving, check out our dive computers.

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