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EU and Brexit 2021

EU Exports

“The best laid plans... often go awry...”

Unfortunate as it is, as of January 1, 2021 the United Kingdom has said farewell to the European Union.

While a "Zero Tariff" agreement has been reached, the result has been an immediate if temporary bottleneck of mutual trade on top of more demanding red tape than that required for years of established commerce under the WTO with non-European countries.

Don't worry! We are not increasing our EU delivery charges in the immediate future even though most courier companies have announced additional surcharges on standard shipments to EU member states so as to compensate for the time consumption due to red tape.

The end result is that for online sales based in the United Kingdom, we are now trading with our customers based in the 27 member states of the European Union as an “exporter” of online products and your orders will therefore be treated as your “imports” prior to delivery.

The superficial advantage of this for EU based customers is that you do not have to pay the 20% UK Value Added Tax (at checkout) so the price of product will appear to be cheaper.

But instead, you will be charged your own national tax rate prior to any delivery as a VAT exempt international client - similar to all our other clients who have been living outside of the EU for decades.  

All EU deliveries will also go through customs procedures.

Non-EU clients ordering from the UK are used to these procedures which may be new to EU based customers used to ordering from the United Kingdom.

In the process of getting used to this, like everyone else who hasn’t enjoyed the tariff free trade we’ve had with you for 47 years, you will now be subject to your own tax rate which differs from country to country.

Depending on the country you live in and the origin of the product ordered, the “export-import” process may also mean additional import fees, admin/handling fees. The supposed non-existing custom duties may be charged to you for products originating outside of the UK.

As part of our transparency, it is our duty to inform you that for smaller low value orders some of these “fixed admin” costs may end up proportionally high.

Courier companies may now charge you fixed admin/handling fees (i.e. £20 per consignment) regardless of the customs value of a consignment just for handling a shipment to you.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, all international deliveries outside of the European Union have been subject to the terms listed below, but have now been amended to also apply to EU member countries.

Exports, duties, taxes & fees for International Orders

Please note you are responsible to ensure that any goods we export out of the UK for your use is allowed to be shipped and used in your country of residence.

We do not charge UK Value Added Tax (VAT) for orders placed from outside the UK, including EU countries, as such goods qualify as VAT exempt “exports”. You accept that as the “importer” you will be liable for all local import fees, taxes and customs duties at the destination country. As charges vary from country to country, we have no control over these and it is your responsibility to cover them.

If any international shipment is returned to us due to failure to pay local import, custom duties and any admin charges or erroneous/insufficient address details provided by you, or refusal of delivery, or local restrictions preventing delivery, the shipment may be returned to us or even destroyed.

If any shipment is destroyed for above reasons or damaged due to failure to clear customs and accept delivery, we will not be able to refund you.

Outbound and inbound shipping charges will be deducted from any international shipment returned to us as consequence of failure to clear and accept delivery.

Any outstanding customs duties, penalties, eturn shipping fees or additional fees will also be deducted from any refund as they are still payable even if the shipment is returned to us. We will not reship the same order if it is returned to us for the above reasons.


We will ship anywhere in the world but for areas local or international restrictions and/or online trading restrictions may apply.

All orders for items that are in stock will be processed within 2 working days for dispatch and delivery.

We aim to dispatch all goods within 7 working days of the order and will advise in writing if there are any exceptions to this. While we do our best to get your order to you as soon as we can, please allow 7 working days for UK and up to 14 working days for international deliveries.

All international orders and high value UK orders will only  be dispatched to the registered or verified card billing address. Orders paid for by PayPal will only be shipped to PayPal verified addresses. PO Box addresses will not be accepted.

Risk of damage to or loss of the product shall pass to you at the point at which they are delivered or a courier package is signed for. Please check any package for possible damage and make sure the parcel is intact, unopened and undamaged before accepting/signing for it.