XDEEP withdraws NX700 1st Stage from Market

XDEEP withdraws NX700 1st Stage from Market

XDEEP announced at end of December 2022 that the company has decided to withdraw all NX700 1st stage regulators from the market defining this recall as part of its commitment to quality and diver safety.
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In its NX700 Breathing Regulators First Stage Voluntary Product Recall Notification, XDEEP has stated that "all NX700 regulators are being removed from the market due to an identified potential life safety issue".

The statement read as follows:

"Our quality assurance program received one report of a first stage with a broken turret connection screw, which resulted in a complete turret failure. Once we were informed, we immediately attempted to recreate the failure to fully understand the root cause but we were not successful.

We’ve come to believe that the screw may fail due to an impact such as a falling tank or after many working cycles due to mechanical stress. This leads us to conclude that the screw is potentially not strong enough, forcing us to rethink this component's engineering completely.

Pushing the envelope with a truly innovative design comes with the risk that despite collaboration with an experienced manufacturer, CE approval, and rigorous testing, certain manufacturing issues may still be discovered following the product's release to a broader audience.

At XDEEP, we not only pride ourselves on designing completely new products rather than optimising old designs but also on our non-negotiable attitude towards quality and safety.

Ultimately, we will always put our customers’ safety and our company values above financial motivations.

The NX700 regulator was launched to the market in 2019 after several months of rigorous tests in extremely demanding conditions.

Due to supply issues caused by the pandemic and the increasing cost of manufacturing, a limited number of NX700 have been distributed globally. Thus, a full recall is the most effective solution."

The XDEEP statement continued with the following information:

Products falling under this recall:

All NX700 1st stages are subject to this recall. The model number is clearly indicated above the LP port on the unit's body.

What should you do if you are an NX700 1st stage owner?

If you own an NX700 regulator, immediately stop using it and contact the dealer where you purchased it, or directly contact XDEEP at support@xdeep.pl for more information regarding the next steps.

We have received one report of a failing screw and turret, while limited in number, the consequences of this failure are severe and may lead to drowning or permanent injury. For these reasons, do not use the NX700 1st stage.

How to proceed?

XDEEP has offered NX700 owners two options with the first being exchanging the NX700 with the turret-less CX100 1st stage and receiving a voucher worth 10o0 EUR that can be used towards any XDEEP product purchase.

The second option is to return the regulator to the dealer it has been purchased for towards a full refund with the option to return both 1st stage and 2nd stages. 

What we are doing?

As stated in the XDEEP announcement, due to supply issues caused by the pandemic and the increasing cost of manufacturing, only a limited number of NX700 regulators have so far been distributed and sold globally. 

Underwater Explorers | DirDirect has supplied only a few XDEEP NX700 1st stages over the past two years and we're pleased to say non of the users have encountered or reported any issues. But safety comes first, above everything.

We are, therefore, in the process of recalling that limited number giving customers the option of returning both 1st and 2nd stages towards a full refund -- or for those who wish to hold on to the 2nd stages to match up with any other first stage, return only the NX700. 

You would have already received an email from us to start the returns process.

If for any reason you have not received our email to initiate the return and refund, we request you contact us at sales@dirdirect.com at your earliest convenience so we can arrange to receive the regulator(s) back and resolve the issue. 

Like many who have left positive feedback on XDEEP's decision to withdraw the NX700 from the market altogether instead of taking any risk no matter how small or big, we commend the company for putting diver safety before financial motivations and its transparency in dealing with this issue.

Safe diving everyone

Underwater Explorers | DirDirect Team