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With recent lithium-ion battery incidents raising many questions, regulations regarding transportation of Lithium Ion batteries are once again under the magnifying glass. Airlines appear to either be imposing new restrictions or implementing stricter controls even for lithium batteries contained in equipment. There is also the issue of restrictions and requirements in shipping Lithium Ion batteries by courier.

The following downloadable certificates cover most dive torches sold online by www.dirdirect.com or in the store at Underwater Explorers (Portland, Dorset, UK). We're serious about the quality of our primary lights as much as safety.

These documents confirm Halcyon primary torches sold by Underwater Explorers (also trading as DirDirect) conform to current legislation and meet the requirements of the applicable tests under the Transport of Dangerous Goods, UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part 3, Sub-section 38.3. Each certification also contains the required EC Declaration of Conformity for these batteries to be sold within the European Community comfirming their compliance with the EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC.

You do not always need to carry these documents with you although manufacturers do need to have the required tests conducted and the certifications to prove these tests have been carried out as well as having an EC Declaration of Conformity. If you are in doubt but travelling with your torch, you can take a copy of the appropriate certification. 

You can view, download or print these documents by clicking on the appropriate link which will open them in your browser or right click on the link and select download to do a direct download.


Light-For-Me certificates (2 pages each) consist of EC Declaration of Conformity and Certification for Lithium Battery Transportation confirming each battery has been tested under recommendations contained in the Transport of Dangerous Goods, UN Manual or Tests and Criteria, Part 3, Sub-section 38.3, Rev.5, Amend 1. PDF Format | Colour.

Light-For-Me Accu 4.5 Certificates

Light-For-Me Accu 6.75 Certificates

Light-For-Me Accu 11.25 Certificates

Light-For-Me Accu 18 Certificates

Light-For-Me Accu 22.4 Certificates

Light-For-Me 3XML Certificates

Light-For-Me RedStar Certificates


Halcyon Focus/Flare & Flare Handheld documents (2 pages each) consist of EC Declaration of Conformity and National Power Corporation certifications for Lithium Battery transportation confirming each battery has been tested under requirements of the  UN Manual or Tests and Criteria, Part 3, Sub-section 38.3, 49CFR 173.185 and the relevant sections and special provisions of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. PDF Format | Black & White

Halcyon Focus & Flare (canister torch) Certificates

Halcyon Flare Handheld Certificates


All packages for Li-ion batteries contained within primary torches ordered online for UK or international delivery are appropriately marked and declared for courier and customs.

Should you have any trouble especially during foreign travel in relation to primary torches please feel free to produce and use the appropriate documents from above.



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