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Aqua Lung Zuma BCD

Aqua Lung Zuma BCD
Aqua Lung Zuma BCD Aqua Lung Zuma BCD

The Aqua Lung Zuma is the ideal BCD for travelling divers.  The innovative tank support system eliminates the need for a hard pack. This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back inflation BCD has everything you need yet it lacks weight and bulk of your typical BCD. You will be amazed by how light and compact it is.

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The Aqua Lung Zuma is an extremely lightweight BCD ideal for the travelling diver.  With great packability it can be packed flat or rolled up, it will take up minimum space in your kit travel bag.

This BCD comes with the innovative tank support system that eliminates the need for a hard backplate. The tank band has been lowered to integrate with the waistband and has a valve strap that pulls the top of the cylinder in towards your centre of gravity. This relieves the shoulders and transfers the load to the hips.

The Zuma comes with Aqua Lung's innovative patented SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System, this provides a simple and safe way to add and remove an additional 20lb/9kg of weight. When you insert the weight into the pocket you'll hear an audible “click” which lets you know the weight is secured into place, removing the weight is just as easy using the single-pull release system. With SureLock, your weights are fully secured in the BCD, once engaged the only way to release the weight is to pull on the handle.

With 4 sizes and two colours to choose from (Midnight/Black and Midnight/Pink) this is perfect for Male and Female divers. With the adjustable chest strap, which can be raised or lowered on a rail system and the padded spine and lumbar support to add stability, the Zuma can be tailored to your own personal preference.

Aqua Lung Zuma BCD

(Knife shown on the above product photo is not included.)

    •    The fold-down, easy-access pocket is perfect for a small flashlight or a fish I.D. slate
    •    4 plastic D-rings to attach all of your accessories
    •    Lower right pull dump is perfect for head first descents or cruising on a horizontal plane
    •    Sculpted padded shoulders for comfort and Padded spine and lumbar support for comfort and stability
    •    Optional non-ditch weight pockets that mount on the tank band 10lbs/4.5kg can be purchased separately
    •    Knife attachment points which will accommodate many of the Aqua Lung knives (not included)
    •    Right shoulder pull dump provides an additional dumping option
    •    Lift Capacity: XXS/XS 22lbs, S/M 22lbs, M/L 34lbs, XL/XXL 34lbs

While sizing is for guidance only and not exact, you can decide on size and lift required by taking a look at the  Aqua Lung BC Size and Lift Chart.

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