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Aqua Lung Mikron Octopus

Aqua Lung Mikron Octopus

Whether you own an Aqua Lung Mikron regulator or not, this travel-friendly Aqua Lung Mikron Octopus is the one you want to take on your next dive trip.

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The Aqua Lung Mikron Octopus with its compact dimensions and very low weight making it ideal for travelling. Anyone looking for a lightweight travel octopus will love the Mikron. It provides consistent, clear breathing with a robust design.

Bright yellow accents ensure the Mikron Octopus remains visible even in murky water for complete safety should you get into a difficult situation.

Pneumatically-balanced, the second stage provides the same impressive ease of breathing of the now-discontinued Core Supreme. Breathing adjustment knob that allows the diver to optimise the opening effort.

Reduced size and weight makes the Mikron the ideal choice for children and young adults. Silicone mouthpiece with ergonomic bite wings.

Aqua Lung Micron Octopus

  • Yellow Aqua Flex octopus hose included
  • 40% O2 compatible when new, out of the box
  • Attachment point for fixing quick release clip
  • Total Weight 145g
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