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Aqua Lung Mikron ACD Regulator

Aqua Lung Mikron ACD Regulator
Aqua Lung Micron ACD - DIN Aqua Lung Micron ACD - A-clamp

The Aqua Lung Mikron is the smallest and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung collection. Specifically designed for travelling divers who prefer to bring their own equipment on their diving adventures, it packs great performance into a compact package.

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The Aqua Lung Mikron is the smallest and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung collection. The reduced size and weight makes the Mikron the ideal choice for travellers.

Aqua Lung Micron RegulatorEquipped with Aqua Lung's patented auto-closure device (ACD) and Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece, plus a pneumatically-balanced second stage, you’re all set for a smooth, easy breathing experience for your next globe-trotting adventure.

Complete set includes:
1 x Aqua Lung Mikron ACD 1st Stage (DIN or A-clamp)
1 x Aqua Lung Mikron ACD 2nd Stage
1 x Aqua Flex Regulator Hose

Aqua Lung Mikron ACD Second Stage

Pneumatically-balanced second stage allows for smooth, easy breathing.

The second stage has an adjustment knob that allows the diver to optimise the opening effort. In the "Mini" position, the opening effort is increased, which is ideal for avoiding free flows at the surface. In the "Maxi" position, the inhalation effort is lowered, reducing the work of breathing.

Equipped with Aqua Lung's patented Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece along with a reusable mouthpiece clamp. It is supplied with a smaller Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece designed for smaller mouths, and a detachable silicone bridge which fits across the upper palate.

A braided hose, weighing less than 5 oz., provides flexibility, comfort and excellent transportability.

Aqua Lung Micron Regulator

  • Cracking Effort: 2.8 to 3.8 mbar
  • Overall work of breathing (WOB): Avg. 1.10 joules/litre
  • Adjustable Crown constructed from marine brass with bright chrome plating

Aqua Lung Mikron ACD First Stage

Newly added Auto Closure Device (ACD) - keeps corrosive water out of the first stage inlet by automatically closing as the Mikron is removed from the cylinder valve. This prevents internal lubrication from washing away and is safer for elevated percentages of oxygen.

The first stage is a balanced diaphragm type with a "T" shape that optimises the location of the 2 x HP ports and 4 x MP ports. Constructed from marine brass with bright chrome plating, stainless steel spring and sintered bronze conical filter.

Aqua Lung Micron Regulator

  • Compatible with up to 40% O2 right out of the box.
  • Flow Rate (Surface, Hose): 1,450 l/min - HP = 200 bar
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