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The newly designed Apeks single tank and twinset wings, the WTX-D and the WTX-D40T, reflect Apeks' world class reputation and dedication to quality. When the environment demands, only one thing matters; that your dive kit is designed, developed and tested to keep you safe and comfortable - which you can trust Apeks to do.

Apeks Wings


Apeks WTX-D40T Twinset Wing

New oval shape design of Apeks WTX-D40T wing distributes the buoyancy evenly around the profile of the wing. Curved sides prevent air migration ensuring maximum stability in the water. High profile dump valve placed in the optimum position allows air to be dumped quickly and easily without breaking trim. Lift 40lbs.


Apeks WTX-D Single Cylinder Wing

The Apeks WTX-D Single Cylinder Wings are narrow in design allowing a cylinder to nest deep inside them. Available in three lift capacity: 18lbs, 30lbs or 40lbs.

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Wing Size

Apeks Backplate

Apeks Backplate without a harness is available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

Steel or Aluminium

Apeks Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness

This simple, yet strong, Apeks Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness can take the load of a fully rigged technical diver. It can be easily customized with the hardware of your choice. (Backplate not included). Out of stock due manufacturing delay.

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Apeks Single Tank Adapter Plate

The Apeks stainless steel single tank adapter plate comes with two sets of bolts, pair or washers and wing nuts.


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