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O-Ring Pick Set

A set of 3 o-ring pickers of different style made out of brass instead of steel to prevent any accidental damage to diving kit. This set comes with 2 small brushes and a tube of silicone grease. Used for pushing o-rings into grooves, removing o-rings from regulators, hoses and inflators, general maintenance and repairs the set easily fits in a spares box.


XS Scuba Dry Five Gloves

Don't let the cold get at your fingers!

Last years tried and and tested winter bestseller XS Scuba Dry Five Gloves are back again and as good as ever. These are the ultimate gloves for cold water diving whether in a dry, semi dry or wetsuit. 

Dry Five's offer total protection with a true 5mm neoprene body and reinforced fully sealed seams. The neoprene twin cuff design wrist cuffs are a great fit both under or over a suit's wrist seals, providing excellent protection from cold water and offering excellent dexterity in cold water.


XS Scuba Mesh Carry Pouch

Attach to a backplate for ideal storage of lift bags or SMB. Heavy Duty, PVC coated nylon mesh, with velcro closure and six stainless steel grommets for attachment (screws not supplied). Size: 6.5"x12".


XS Scuba Universal Stainless Spring Straps

What makes XS Scuba Spring Straps different to others is that they can be used on a variety of rubber and conventional fins thanks to modular attachment points. There universal stainless steel spring straps with outer covering come with three separate pairs of buckles to fit almost any type of fins. The "old school" attachments fit Turtle and Jet fins. "Large Post" buckles fit most of today's modern fins. "Small Post" buckles fit Atomic split fins.


Hose Hat

Designed to simply press onto the knurled sleeve on the quick disconnect on the power inflator hose. Provides a larger, easier to grip flange. Emergency disconnect (runaway inflation) of the LP hose, even with thick gloves is now possible.


Tail Weight Pouch

Ideal tail weight option for travelling. This unique weight pouch allows you to add the exact amount of shot weight you need, up to a capacity of 6 pounds or a block of solid lead.


V-Weight Pouch

Add trim weight in the center groove of your backplate. Just pour in your lead shot of up to 5 lbs. 11" center to center. Sealed opening with double velcro. Attach with twin cylinder band bolts


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