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XDeep Backplate with Harness

XDeep Backplate with Harness

Complete XDeep Steel or Aluminium Backplate with a single loop Harness.

Steel or Ali Backplate

Steel or aluminium backplate?

You can decide if you prefer the heavier backplate made of acid-proof steel to the light aluminium backplate in order to have a suitable weight, if you travel frequently.

Stiff webbing

In the harness, XDeep used stiff webbing which makes it easier to put on the set. The straps are made of polyamide – a fabric totally resistant to water, including sea water.

Polyamide fabrics are abrasion-resistant materials and consequently the durability of the harness is much higher than those made of less durable materials.

Strong, welded 6mm D-Rings

The harness comprises of solid D-Rings made of acid-proof steel of 6 mm section. The ends are welded and the weld itself is smoothly polished. Such D-Rings will not deform under any circumstances, even while jumping with the fastened stage cylinders.

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