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Diving weights, weight belts, weight pockets and systems for scuba divers. Tail and V-weights for twinset set divers and a range of options for single cylinder divers.

Weights | Weight Systems


Scubapro Weight Belt

The 5cm wide Scubapro Weight Belt comes with quick release stainless steel buckle. Dries quickly, prevents mildew and odor.


Set of Three 1Kg V-Weight

Set of three 1kg coated V-weights for those who want to have the freedom to add and subtract integrated twinset weights for varying conditions. (Shipped within UK mainland only. Contact us for other delivery options.)


Tail Weight

Coated 1kg or 2kg tail weight with stainless steel bar. (This item is only shipped within UK mainland. Contact us for other delivery options.)

1kg or 2kg

Halcyon V-Weight Pouch

The Halcyon V-Weight Pouch is specifically designed for twinsets with wider gaps between the two cylinders (i.e. some twin 8.5L and 7L sets). Using the pouch you can easily add weight to your twinset. The middle section is for v-weights whilst the lower section allows for tail weight.


Tail Weight Pouch

Ideal tail weight option for travelling. This unique weight pouch allows you to add the exact amount of shot weight you need, up to a capacity of 6 pounds or a block of solid lead.


V-Weight Pouch

Add trim weight in the center groove of your backplate. Just pour in your lead shot of up to 5 lbs. 11" center to center. Sealed opening with double velcro. Attach with twin cylinder band bolts.


Halcyon Trim Weight Pockets

Halcyon Trim Weight Pockets support optimal weight distribution. The trim weights promote a heads-up position at the surface and horizontal position  under water. Comes as a pair.


OMS Trim Weight Pocket - Large

The large OMS Trim Weight Pocket holds up to 2.5kg of weight. The pocket can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.


OMS Trim Weight Pocket - Small

The small OMS Trim Weight Pocket holds up to 2kg of lead or shot weight. The pocket can be mounted by its vertical 2 inch webbing loop.


Halcyon ACB 10lbs Weight System

Halcyon Active Control Ballast Weight System, 5lbs (2.25kg) per side. Side release buckle prevents accidental weight loss and allows the diver to quickly release and/or replace part or all of their weights.


XDeep Weight Pockets

A pair of XDeep weight pockets with bolts. Attach to waist band on either the standard or sidemount harnesses to provide safe and comfortable releasable weight. Available in three sizes.


Dive Weight

Solid plastic coated dive weight. Available in square 1kg, 2kg or rounded 3kg. (This item is only shipped within UK mainland. Contact us for other delivery options.)


Lead Shot Weight

Lead shot in 1kg or 2kg pouches. (This item is only shipped within UK mainland. Contact us for other delivery options.)


Scubapro S-Tek Pro Fluid Form Weight System

Add an integrated weight system to your Scubapro S-Tek Pro harness with this new weight pocket kit. It easily mounts on the harness waist strap and includes two complete Monprene® weight holsters and two ditchable weight pockets.


Scubapro S-Tek Trim Weights Kit

The Scubapro S-Tek Trim Weights Kit mounts on a back plate and includes a mounting baton with all necessary mounting hardware and two trim pockets that each hold up to 2.2lbs/1kg of ballast weight.


Halcyon Single Tank Adapter Weight

The Halcyon Single Tank Adaptor Weight fits inside the Halcyon convertible Single Tank Adapter. Weight: 2.7kg/6lbs.


Weight Keepers (4 Pack)

Pack of four plastic weight keepers for 5cm webbing weight belts.


Halcyon ACB Replacement Pocket - 5lbs

Single replacement pocket for Halcyon 10lbs Active Control Ballast (ACB) weight system. 


Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket

This innovative Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket provides convenient storage and flexible weighting. It has a internal pocket for a weight. Two tri-glides allow the pocket to be used either side of the waist.


Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter

Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter is for divers who want to remove unnecessary weight from their waist to enjoy greater comfort and better in-water position. 6lbs weighted.


XDeep Replacement Inner Weight Pocket

One replacement internal weight pocket for XDeep Quick Release Weight Pocket.


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