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Weight Systems & Pockets


Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket

This innovative Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket provides both convenient storage and flexible weighting. The pocket has the convenient design features you have come to expect from Halcyon pockets. Two triglides allow the diver to secure the pocket to either Cinch™ ACB holders or the waist strap of a Halcyon Secure Harness™ (non-cinch). The pocket can be secured to either side of the diver’s waist.


DIR Zone Belt Pocket

DIR Zone Harness Pocket pocket for attaching to waist belt of harness. Made for Cordura. Velcro flap. Drainage holes.


Scubapro X-Tek Accessory Pocket

These handy accessory pouches fit on the waist band of your harness and provide easy-access storage for extra gear. Each pouch comes with two compartments with an internal D-ring to secure accessories.. Scubapro X-Tek Accessory Pockets are available in two sizes: Large and Small.


XDeep Compact Cargo Pouch

The XDeep Cargo Pouch for storing additional equipment. Streamlined and compact design pouch can be butt mounted providing always easy access.


XDeep Expandable Cargo Pouch

A heavy duty diving pouch for sidemount and all forms of technical diving. The XDeep Expandable Cargo Pouch is expandable to a larger size than the standard pouch so larger items, like spare masks, can be taken with you. When you only need smaller items, simply close the outer zip for a compact, low profile pouch.


Dive Rite Bellow Horizontal Pocket

Dive Rite Bellow Horizontal Pocket. With two compartments and a lanyard for securing your valuable accessory items, the Horizontal Zip Pocket carries everything you need on a dive.


Dive Rite Bellows Harness Pocket

Dive Rite Harness Pocket has two compartments and a lanyard for securing your valuable accessory items, the Vertical Velcro Pocket carries everything you need on a dive.


Dive Rite Bellows Zip Pocket

Dive Rite Bellows Zip Pocket is designed in a vertical fashion with a heavy-duty zipper on the short edge of the pocket. The pocket requires less space on a waist strap yet still allows you to carry everything you need on a dive.


Dive Rite Clipper Pocket

The Dive Rite Clipper Pocket is a small, versatile pocket that can be mounted to any standard 2-inch webbing waist belt.


Dive Rite Mask and Utility Pocket

The Dive Rite Mask and Utility Pocket is designed to fit masks, handheld lights and spools, yet it's expandable design means a low profile pocket that isn't bulky.


XS Scuba Mesh Carry Pouch

Attach to a backplate for ideal storage of lift bags or SMB. Heavy Duty, PVC coated nylon mesh, with velcro closure and six stainless steel grommets for attachment (screws not supplied). Size: 6.5"x12".


Halcyon Trim Weight Pockets

Halcyon Trim Weight Pockets are yet another novel Halcyon invention. The pockets support optimal weight distribution, encouraging diving comfort and in-water stability. While at the surface, the trim weights promote a heads-up position, counteracting the positive tendency of buoyant cylinders. These same weights support a horizontal position while under water, reducing effort and encouraging diving fun.


OMS Trim Weight Pocket - Large

The large OMS Trim Weight Pocket holds up to 2.5kg of weight. The pocket can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. It can also be used as a standard pocket on any harness system, a pocket attachment to cam bands etc.

Single or Pair

Dive Rite Thigh Pocket

Dive Rite Thigh Pocket is designed in a vertical fashion with a velcro flap on the short edge of the pocket. It requires little space on a waist strap yet still allows you to carry everything you need on a dive.


OMS Thigh Pocket

OMS Thigh Pocket with velcro closure incorporates 2 elastic bands (wraps around thigh) and a 2" webbing that fastens to your waist band. Can also be used as a standard harness pocket if all straps are removed.


Apeks WTX Tek Large Cargo Pocket

The Apeks WTX Tek Large Cargo Pocket can be mounted on any standard 2" webbing harness waistband and provides large storage space for when it's needed. The zipper closure is a single compartment which also has two loops allowing bungee to be looped through. The pocket can be expanded by attaching smaller Apeks Pockets to it by the 4 front grommets and has a bottom grommet that acts as drainage.


Apeks WTX Tek Mesh Pocket

The vertical and compact Apeks WTX Tek mesh pocket can be mounted on any standard 2 inch harness (waist) webbing thanks to a loop on the back or attached directly to an Apeks large pocket with 4 rear grommets. With a bellow construction that allows ample volume the pocket is near-flat when empty yet big enough to store a spare mask and spool or DSMB/spool combination all held securely in place with a pinch clip closure on 1” webbing.


Apeks WTX Tek Small Cargo Pocket

The Apeks WTX Tek Small Cargo Pocket can be mounted on any standard 2" webbing harness waistband or fit to the front of the Apeks Large Cargo Pocket. With its large flap with velcro closure on front it is easy to open a close without the hassle of zippers and  an excellent size for carrying slates, floats, line markers or even extra weights.


Halcyon ACB 10lbs Weight System

Halcyon Active Control Ballast (ABC) Weight System, 5 lbs (2.25 kg) per side. Side release buckle prevents accidental weight loss and allows the diver or dive buddy to quickly release and/or replace part or all of their ballast as the need requires. Ideal for traveling diver.

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Halcyon ACB Replacement Pocket - 5lbs

Replacement pocket for Halcyon 10lbs Active Control Ballast.


Halcyon Knife Pocket

Halcyon replacement knife pocket for Halcyon Titanium Knife.


OMS Harness Pocket

The OMS Harness Pocket is a robust, expandable pocket with a low profile. It offers three separate storage area: main large compartment, a slimmer inner slate pocket for tables/wetnotes and a smaller outside zip pocket - all held together and closed with secure velcro fasteners.


OMS Utility Pocket

The OMS Utility Pocket is made to slip on the waist webbing of any 2" harness. It's two sections with YKK zippers give divers a large storage area.


Scubapro X-Tek QR-Weight Pockets

Scubapro X-Tek QR Weight Pockets. Weight pocket system with quick release buckle for divers seeking releasable weight pockets for their BC System.


xDeep Replacement Inner Weight Pocket

One replacement internal weight pocket for XDeep Weight QR Pockets.


xDeep Weight Pockets

A pair of XDeep weight pockets with bolts. Attach to waist band on either the standard or sidemount harnesses to provide safe and comfortable releasable weight. Available in three sizes with most popular being M and L/XL.


Halcyon Single Tank Adapter Weight

The Halcyon Single Tank Adaptor Weight fits inside the Halcyon convertible STA. Epoxy coated. Weight: 2.7kg/6lbs. (Due to weight these items only ship within UK mainland only.)


Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter

Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter is for divers who are able to remove unnecessary weight from their waist enjoy greater comfort and better in-water position. Convertible weighted single tank adapter, stainless steel, 6lbs weighted.


Set of Three 1Kg V-Weight

Set of (3) three x 1kg Coated V-weights for those who want to have the freedom to add and subtract integrated twinset weights for varying conditions. Colour: Black.

Due to weight, item not available for outside mainland UK.


Tail Weight

Coated 1kg or 2kg tail weight with stainless steel bar.

Due to the weight these items only ships within UK mainland.

1kg or 2kg

Tail Weight Pouch

Ideal tail weight option for travelling. This unique weight pouch allows you to add the exact amount of shot weight you need, up to a capacity of 6 pounds or a block of solid lead.


V-Weight Pouch

Add trim weight in the center groove of your backplate. Just pour in your lead shot of up to 5 lbs. 11" center to center. Sealed opening with double velcro. Attach with twin cylinder band bolts


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