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Weezle Extreme Undersuit

Weezle Extreme Undersuit

Constructed from 4 layers of specially chosen fibres each chosen to perform differently offering good thermal protection under any type of drysuit. Colour: black


Trapped moisture in the fibres of undersuits caused by perspiration has a cooling effect as heat is conducted away from the body. The Weezle undersuit has been designed with a wicking layer next to your skin to remove moisture and prevent heat loss.

Trying to dry a traditional undersuit can be long arduous task and a suit leak in the morning can jeopardize an afternoon's dive. The Weezle undersuit dries so fast that even a serious leak will not affect a subsequent dive.

Due to the soft and flexible nature of the materials used in the construction of our suits, there is amazing ease of movement available. This feature will be of special interest to technical divers enabling freer access to isolation valves etc.

The composite of materials used in the suit construction enable it to be compressed to a silly size. In the case of the Weezle Extreme it ends up around the size of a football. Incorporated into the design are 2 hip pockets and an innovative ‘slashed’ cuff which removes the need for thumb loops. On the shoulder is a toughened nylon back panel to protect from dry zip damage.

Weezle Extreme undersuit


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