DirDirect :: Notebooks & Slates
Use them as a slate, write down your profiles and plans, even log your dives. Erase and use again or retain for future dives.

Notebooks & Slates


Apeks Wetnotes

Apeks waterproof wetnotes with runtime slates, graphite pencil and double ender. Double sided slates attached to the notes (removable) + independent slate to be used in transparent sleeve.


OMS Wetnotes

The OMS Underwater Notebook includes underwater paper with table windows, pockets and pencil holders.


Graphite Pencil

What you need is a wood-free pencil with a nice strong graphite core. Most ordinary pencils are made from wood with a graphite core. The wood swells in the water and eventually the pencil breaks up.... making it useless for the task.


Halcyon Wetnotes

Even the most casual diver will appreciate the advantages of the Halcyon diver’s waterproof notebook. This high quality design provides easy access to pencils, notes, tables, and accessories. 


IST Wetnotes

The Waterproof Notebook from IST is a 25 page notebook which comes in a stylish ballistic nylon (black) case. The case has a see-through pocket for tables and additional notes and three pencil holder pockets inside. The Notebook also comes with an attached pencil which can be replaced.


Scubapro Wetnotes

Scubapro waterproof notebook and pencil in a folding Cordura cover.


Waterproof Notebook Paper Refill

Replacement notebook pages with hard covers. Fits any diver's notebook from Halcyon, OMS to Scubapro.


DIR Zone Wetnotes

Wetnotes and pencil in a folding Cordura cover.


OMS Wrist Slate (Flip-Up)

OMS Flip-up wrist slate with bungee for mounting, underwater pencil & coil, gauge strap and 3 surfaces to write on. Great quality.


Curved Wrist Slate

Curved wrist slate with pencil. Ideal for deco schedules, bailout or simply taking notes. Available in two sizes.

Small or Large

Flip-Up Wrist Slate
Flip-up wrist slate with its own strap (replaceable with your gauge strap), five surfaces to write on and pencil.
Small or Large

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