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Waterproof B1 6.5mm Boots

Waterproof B1 6.5mm Boots

Waterproof B1 6.5mm Boots are tough 6.5mm semi-dry boots with an extra long zipper for easy donning. The heels and toes are strengthened and the boot has an angled design for less stress while finning.

SKU WP-1070

Waterproof B1 6.5mm BootsHypothermia vs Boots. The body reacts to cold and heat by adjusting the blood stream to the external parts of the body, like hands, fingers and feet.

Any water temperature lower than the body temp will during the time of the dive affect your core temperature.

Do not under-dress your feet. Keeping the feet warm is an old true formula against coldness; your mother told you so, didn’t she?

And Waterproof keeps her happy by offering you the B1 Boot.

  • 6.5mm double-lined neoprene.
  • 3-D shaped.
  • Angled foot for less strain.
  • Glideskin seal.
  • Extra long YKK Vislon zipper - It has a gusset and is waterproofed.
  • Rubber caps at heels and toes.
  • Boot Grip – This handy grip at the back of the boots helps you put them on.
  • Bonded Hi-Q Nylon thread.
  • Fin strap ridge – This helps to keep your fins in place
  • ID-Plate – Handy space to put your name for easy identification.
  • Colour: Black.
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