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Tovatec 18650 Li-ion Battery & Charger

The Tovatec 18650 Li-ion battery charging kit comes with 18650 Li-ion battery charging base, 18650 Li-ion battery and USB cable.

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Tovatec Fusion 1000 Torch

Three torches in one, light with adjustable beam + emergency strobe

A good hand-held primary. Tovatec Fusion 1000 provides an amazing amount of light from such a compact torch. With an adjustable beam between a tight 12° to a wide 100°, the Fusion 1000 has three power settings and a strobe mode (useful for surface signalling to land or boat). The torch, with aircraft grade aluminium which feels great in the hand, also has an over pressure relief valve, a magnetic on-off switch and comes not only with its own rechargeable battery and charger)but also a battery cradle for optional 3x AA batteries to power it up. The Fusion 1000 is perfect for all types of diving conditions and has a depth rating of 100 metres, a burn time in excess of 3 hours with supplied battery.


Tovatec Fusion 260 Torch

The Tovatec Fusion 260 is a small light with all the big light features, including 3 power level settings (100% / 50%/ 30%) + strobe, an adjustable beam angle of 12˚ to 100˚ with a slide zoom head, a pressure release valve, compatible with two different types of battery and depth rated to 100m. With up to 3.5 hours burn time and a colour temperature of 5700-6900 Kelvin, this compact light can be used as primary or backup in any conditions. At 260 Lumen, it's the smallest sibling of the Tovatec Fusion family we have on offer.


Tovatec Fusion 530 Torch

Three in one: Variable beam torch, video light and signalling strobe - 3 power settings.

A smaller version of the Fusion 1000, the Tovatec Fusion 530 provides an amazing amount of light for any dive whether you are diving on a wreck, in a cave or just drifting along a reef. Put the light in video mode by simply sliding your lens to 100° beam angle or focus it into a tight beam to deal with backscatter in poor visibility. With a 12-100° Zoom Beam Angle, 530 lumen output, 5600-6600K colour temperature and 100 metre depth rating. This torch is compatible with two different types of batteries and feels really good with its special aircraft grade aluminium body. Comes with 1x18650 rechargeable battery, charger and USB cable, battery tray for optional 3xAA batteries.


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