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Accessories that are designed or suitable for sidemount diving.

Sidemount Accessories


XDeep Compact Cargo Pouch

The XDeep Cargo Pouch for storing additional equipment. Streamlined and compact design pouch can be butt mounted providing always easy access.


XDeep Expandable Cargo Pouch

A heavy duty pouch for sidemount and all forms of technical diving. The XDeep Expandable Cargo Pouch is expandable to a larger size than the standard pouch so larger items. When you only need smaller items, simply close the outer zip for a compact, low profile pouch.


xDeep Quick Release Kit for Stealth 2.0

The xDeep Quick Release Kit for Stealth 2.0 sidemount system allows you to quickly adjust the settings on the harness, fine tune it depending on your configuration and/or don or doff the harness without hassle.


xDeep Sidemount Butt Plate

The xDeep Sidemount Butt Plate allows clipping of sidemount cylinders further down the back than if using a normal harness.


XDeep Slideable D-Ring Kit

xDeep Slideable D-Ring Kit (2pcs) makes D-ring adjustment a breeze.


xDeep Stealth Trim Weight Pockets

XDeep Stealth Trim Pockets can be used with either sidemount or backmount harnesses to provide additional weighting where needed. Available in two sizes, the medium pocket can take up to 3kg per pair, whilst the larger pockets can take up to 6kg per pair.


Ammonite Accu Click Mount

The ammonite battery canister click mount is made out of stainless steel and delrin. It comes in two sizes to fit the 12Ah and 10Ah accu but can be used for any accessory that has the same girth. The stainless steel plate has double webbing slots on either side to be mounted on any 2” webbing. The attached circular delrin holder can be loosened to slip over a battery canister and then tightened in place.

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Ammonite Sidemount Light Cable

High-strength Ammonite Sidemount Cable with the connector at 90° angle outgoing from the battery.


Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle

The Ammonite Soft Goodman handle allows hands free diving while still using a canister or hand-held torch. With its body made out of lightweight and durable Delrin® the handle has double bungee cord on one side to be slipped over the hand and an integral strong bungee that stretches over any torch head and locks back under a lip of the handle body. It is secure and tight. It is also user friendly with divers who have smaller or narrower hands and cannot get on with a standard hard Goodman handle. 


Dive Rite Low Profile Cam Strap

Dive Rite's 1.5" wide and 36" long low profile cam strap is light weight, low profile and comes with a non-slip pad to protect tanks from scratches. The marine-grade, stainless steel buckle is also strong, yet lightweight.


Rubber Band for Stage Bottle

Replacement 1" Rubber band for aluminum 7L and 80cf or 40cf stage bottles


Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate

Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate is for divers who need to add weight to their rig. Carrying up to 16lbs of weight in four separate pockets, the Nomad Weight Plate attaches to the back of the Nomad using the existing grommets in the backplate. 


Dive Rite Tech Buttplate

When sidemounting stage tanks or rebreather bailout bottles, buttplate rails can be difficult to access if backmounted gear covers them up. Problem solved with the Dive Rite Tech Buttplate.


Dive Rite Hose Retainer

Dive Rite Hose Retainer is ideal for stage bottles, bailouts or sidemount configurations. This is Dive Rite's superior alternative for keeping those hoses under control.


Dive Rite Thigh Pocket

Dive Rite Thigh Pocket is designed in a vertical fashion with a velcro flap on the short edge of the pocket. It requires little space on a waist strap yet still allows you to carry everything you need on a dive.


OMS Thigh Pocket

OMS Thigh Pocket with velcro closure incorporates 2 elastic bands (wraps around thigh) and a 2" webbing that fastens to your waist band. Can also be used as a standard harness pocket if all straps are removed.


Dive Rite Crotch Strap

2" Dive Rite Crotch Strap with scooter ring. Includes a neoprene sleeve to protect exposure suit from abrasion.


Dive Rite Corrugated Hose

The traditional type corrugated hoses from Dive Rite. In 3 lengths. Fit most wings and BCDs.


Halcyon Cinch Quick Adjust Crotch Strap

The Halcyon Quick-adjust crotch strap is webbed with an adjustable buckle that allows rapid resizing while eliminating any dangling webbing.


Halcyon Complete Inflator Unit

Complete Halcyon inflator unit. Includes: Corrugated inflator hose, power inflator and inflator elbow.


Halcyon Corrugated Hose

Replacement 12" corrugated BC inflator hose with standard fitting.


Halcyon Crotch Strap

Adjustable 2" Halcyon crotch strap with front and rear D-rings.


Halcyon Inflator Elbow

Replacement BC inflator elbow. Fits all wings and corrugated hoses with standard fitting.


Decanting Hose

300bar DIN Decanting Hose without gauge.


Decanting Hose with Gauge

300bar DIN Decanting whip with gauge.


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