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Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer

Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer
Shearwater Petrel 2


The Petrel 2 is both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit trimix enabled straight out of the box. Inside a fully mechanised case, housing a stunning 2.4” full colour HD display with a simple two button operation, digital compass, the Petrel 2 is a favourite among serious technical divers. With 5 programmable gases in each OC/CC mode, fixed PO2 and two button BO on closed circuit, colour coded warnings, simple to use adaptive menus, user replaceable battery, the Petrel 2 comes with multiple decompression algorithms - Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors - and user adjustable conservatism. Optional VPM-B pin available on purchase. 

Add VPM-B Upgrade* PIN



Underwater Explorers Ltd. (DirDirect) is an authorised Shearwater dealer based in the UK with world-wide delivery. Shearwater Research designs and manufactures computers for divers demanding more from themselves and their diving experience.  Whether you're an air, nitrox, multi gas trimix  or closed circuit rebreather diver, Shearwater offers products which are powerful, simple and reliable. The Petrel 2 is both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit trimix enabled straight out of the box and a favourite among technical divers.


Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer



Rugged Technical Dive Computer
2.4” Full Colour HD Display
OC, CC Fixed Po2, Trimix enabled

Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors - User Adjustable Conservatism
Optional VPM-B
Open Circuit, 5 Gases
Closed Circuit, 5 Gases,
2 Button Push Quick OC Bailout

3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
Gauge Mode

Simple Yet Advanced User Interface
Colour Coded Warnings
Simple to Use Adaptive Menus
Automatic Screen Brightness Customizable
Flip Screen
Metric and Imperial

Dive Log Downloads via Bluetooth

User replacable single AA Battery
*Petrel 2 Stand Alone does not support external PO2 Monitoring (Check Petrel 2 - EXT)

(Detailed videos underneath)

Multiple Dive Modes

Open Circuit Tec (Trimix)     Open Circuit Rec (Air and Nitrox)     Closed Circuit - Fixed PPO2    Gauge (Bottom Timer)

5 Gases Each Mode (Air, Nitrox, Trimix)

Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer

Battery* Information:

Life (1.5V Alkaline) Brightness Modes
Cave 70 Hours • Low 46 Hours • Medium 38 Hours • High 26 Hours

Life (Saft LS14500 3.6V Lithium) Brightness Modes
Cave 160 Hours • Low 130 Hours • Medium 100 Hours • High 70 Hours

* User replaceable 1.5V Alkaline
   Single O-Ring Seal



Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive ComputerDisplay Information:

2.4", QVGA, Full Colour LCD
Always on LED backlight
22% NTSC Colour Range

Size (volume) 160 cm³



Surface - 218g (0.48 lbs) includes AA alkaline battery
in-Water - 60 g (0.13 lbs) includes AA alkaline battery
Package weight appx. 360 g

Wrist Attachment:
2 x 3/4" elastic straps with locking buckles


*Optional VMP-B Upgrade: The Predator 2 comes with Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with Gradient Factors installed but you can upgrade it to  VPM-B with a special PIN, giving you the option of using the standard GF deco or switching to VPM-B. Once you select this option we will organised to the unlock code for your specific model and serial number. You will then need to update your firmware to the latest firmware before using the PIN code.

VPM or the Varying Permeability Model is a decompression algorithm that attempts to model the behavior of bubbles within the human body during decompression. The algorithm was initially developed by David Yount in laboratory testing and coded into Fortran by Erik Baker. Shearwater Research has implemented VPM-B according to the original Erik Baker Fortran specification. In addition to implementing the Baker model, Shearwater Research has added a new option. VPM-B dive profiles often have deep stops to control bubble formation with reduced time at shallow depths. The reduced shallow depth time can be quite aggressive with VPM-B so Shearwater Research has included a VPM-B Gradient Factor Surfacing (GFS) option. VPM-B/GFS allows VPM-B dives to be executed while ensuring that a gradient factor of 90% is never violated. Please Note: You can always purchase the VPM pin at a later date if you wish to do so. The computer already comes with the Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with Gradient Factors - user adjustable conservatism.


How does the Petrel 2 compare to the Perdix? Why do divers buy the Petrel 2 instead of the Perdix?
Larger screen, higher profile, a more traditional 'bulkier' housing with a rugged, strong feel. EXT version also allows rebreather PP02 monitoring. You can compare the two computers by taking a look at this 2-page PDF Comparison Sheet.

Is Shearwater Research going to continue to release firmware upgrades for the Petrel 2?
Yes.  The original Petrel and Petrel 2 have the same firmware versions, and updates for either will continue to be posted in Shearwater's firmware downloads section.

What type of batteries can I use in my Petrel and what maintenance does it need?
This and other questions are answered directly by Shearwater Research in the online FAQ. Please click on Shearwater Online FAQ and select Petrel from the top menu. You can also download the current Petrel Manual. Feel free to contact us any day, we are open every day. 


Shearwater Petrel 2 Screenshots and Videos

Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer















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