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Sharkskin Parker Vest Ladies

Sharkskin Parker Vest Ladies
Similar in cut and design to the chesty vest however the parker vest has a hood attached – more than 25% of body heat is lost through the head and extremities of the body. The parka vest can also ideal worn with or without a conventional wetsuit to provide additional insulation and protection. The hood can be slid on and off as required.
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Sharkskin Climate Control is 100% windproof to allow you to enjoy your watersports all year round in any weather. The Climate Control garments use compression technology in the arms and shoulder area which is great for muscle recovery and ideal for paddle sports, surfing or kayaing. The high yet comfortable neck has a soft seal to prevent waves and wind entering the garment. The zippered front allows you to adjust and control the heating effect of the Sharkskin. The garments also have reflective colour to keep you cool. Sharkskin delivers many benefits to water sports enthusiasts that are unachievable with less technically advanced products such as neoprene. The short sleeve top is perfect worn as a stand alone garment and is suitable for layering with other Sharkskin garments or any neoprene wetsuit configuration for colder waters. The high yet comfortable neck has a soft neoprene seal to prevent water from waves and wind entering the garment. Short sleeves for warmer waters and also prevent chaffing around the shoulders and arms especially when a PFD is worn. The Sharkskin short sleeve top is the equivalent warmth of a 2.5 - 3mm conventional wetsuit top for use in any watersport activity including surfing, scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkelling. Neutral buoyancy characteristics which increase your comfort level whilst snorkelling or scuba diving as less weight needs to be worn. Windproof providing protection from wind chill when wet. Breathes to minimise overheating and wicks moisture away from the skin. The Sharkskin short sleeve top is available in both men’s and women’s cut delivering superior fit and comfort with 4-way stretch ensuring garments are non-restrictive allowing a full range of movement. The non-chaffing itch and odour resistant inner means that garments can be worn for long periods of time. Lightweight, excellent sun protection (SPF 30+) and quick drying makes garments ideal for travel and holidays. Durable material and great design.
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