Shark Dive GearShark Dive Gear dive lights and products. 

SHARK is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality diving equipment and is the daughter company of Reel Diving AB - supplying diving products to dive shops, dive centres, military forces, commercial divers and goverment institutions.


Shark Artemis Primary Dive Light

The Shark Artemis Primary Dive Light is the newest and most powerful umbilical underwater torch produced by Shark Dive Gear and vigorously tested by divers from Team Reel Diving. With three power settings and a maximum output of 6000 lumen and a 6° centre beam, this torch is able to light up any dive site and has up to 3 hours burn time on maximum power. Now in stock.


Shark Vega LED Dive Light

The Shark Vega dive light is suitable as a primary hand-held torch for entry level divers as well as a powerful backup for advanced diving. The 1200 lumen Vega has two power modes; full and power save. It's been measured  to 900 true lumen at full power and 460 lumen at power saving mode. The light gives a visual warning when the battery level is below 30%.


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