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SportDiver Housing For iPhone

The SeaLife SportDiver is a compact and lightweight underwater housing for Apple’s iPhone users. The SportDiver housing allows divers to take photos and video with their iPhone down to 40 meters. Works with iPhone 7 and up.


Sea Dragon 2500 Photo-Video Dive Light

The Sea Dragon 2500 uses flat panel COB LED technology to closely mimic natural sunlight. With a color rendering index of 90, the Sea Dragon 2500 solves the issue of blue underwater photos and videos by giving divers the ability to add light down to 60 meters with portable sunlight. Includes tray and grip.


Sea Dragon 3000F Photo-Video Light

The Sea Dragon 3000 Auto delivers 3000 lumens over 120° even beam angle without a hot spot. Two red LEDs emit a 88° wide “stealth mode” beam that won’t scare away night time creatures and preserves your eye’s natural night vision. The auto flash detect mode turns the light off for one second when an external flash is detected. Includes tray and grip.


Sea Dragon 4500 Pro Photo-Video Light

The Sea Dragon 4500 professional underwater video light is a high power true lumen professional underwater light that not only gives you brightness but also adds color and warmth, all with a smooth, even 120° wide beam that runs for a full hour at the highest power setting. The light offers 4 manual power settings, plus an automatic brightness setting.


Sea Dragon 5000 Photo-Video Light

The Sea Dragon 5000 photo-video light delivers 5000 lumens in an even 120° wide beam. The light also features two 220 lumen red LEDs. The light offers the familiar Sea Dragon Auto Modes including Flash Detect, and an unmatched 96 CRI (color rendering index).


Sea Dragon Mini 900 Light

The high-intensity and long-range SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 900 Torch is an ultra-compact but powerful hand torch. Featuring 900 lumens, the compact Sea Dragon Mini 900 dive light offers users tremendous brightness and a long-range spot beam.

Add Power Kit - Rechargable Battery & Charger

Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Light

It’s easy to see underwater Fluorescence with the new the Dragon Mini Fluoro. The royal blue LED emits a blue light combined with a finely tuned and proprietary dichroic filter that pinpoints the exact light wavelength to get the highest energy response from the underwater plant or creature for an amazing underwater light show.


SeaLife Micro 3.0 Camera

The SeaLife Micro 3.0 permanently sealed camera offers features never before possible in such a small camera. The Micro 3.0 now offers ultra-high definition video and the ability to shoot high resolution 16mp still images in the universal, RAW (Adobe DNG) format. The sealed construction of the Micro 3.0 means it can’t leak, and with its large battery, all you need to do is charge it and start taking spectacular underwater or above water photos and video.


SeaLife Micro 3.0 Camera Pro 3000 Set

Ideal for colorful and sharp stills and videos, the Micro 3.0 Sea Dragon Pro 3000 Set includes the Sea Dragon 3000F Photo-Video Light, Micro 3.0 Camera, Flex-Connect® Single Tray, and Grip for stability and handling. The Sea Dragon 3000F Light has a Color Rendering Index of 80, 5000k color temperature to simulate natural sunlight, adding beautiful colors to underwater photos and videos.


SeaLife Micro 3.0 Camera Pro 5000 Set

The Micro 3.0 Pro Duo 5000 Set combines two sun-like Sea Dragon 2500F Lights with the Micro 3.0 camera to create the a versatile package for the underwater photographer. The set packs an astonishing 5000 lumens, capturing rich and natural color in underwater photos and videos while the ergonomic Flex-Connect® Dual Tray, Grips, and Flex Arms provide stability and easy handling. Dual lighting also minimizes shadows in your photos and videos.


SeaLife Reefmaster RM-4K Camera

Experience unparalleled ease-of-use with the SeaLife ReefMaster RM-4K underwater camera, featuring a pocket-sized design with a 14 megapixel Panasonic® CMOS image sensor and ultra-high definition 4K video.


SeaLife Reefmaster RM-4K Camera Pro 2000F Set

Add the Sea Dragon 2000F Photo/Video Light to the Reefmaster RM-4K, and shoot vivid underwater colours in both still images and videos. The wide beam angle of the Sea Dragon 2000 complements the camera for nearly complete coverage of the shooting angle. The set includes the RM-4K camera, Flex-Connect Micro Tray, Grip, and Sea Dragon 2000F light.


SportDiver Pro 2500 for iPhone

The SportDiver Housing with 2500 Lumen “Sea Dragon” Photo-Video Light for Apple’s iPhone users. The SportDiver housing allows divers to take photos and video with their iPhone down to 40 meters. Works with iPhone 7 and up.


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