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Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins

Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins
Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins

The Twin Jet Max split diving fins feature a split-hydrofoil shape to deliver optimum power with minimum effort. Dual-compound construction enables Scubapro to fine-tune performance and optimize maneuverability.

SKU 25.347.310

There are three primary variables to consider when selecting a fin: power, efficiency and fit. The more water a fin moves, the greater its kicking power. Furthermore, fins that transfer a greater percentage of a diver's kicking effort into forward motion are considered to be more efficient. TWIN JET MAX FINS do just that!

  • Quick release easy adjust buckles.
  • Semi rigid side rails for blade stability throughout kick.
  • Bio-engineered soft foot pocket for seemless energy transfer.
  • Vented area for hydrodynamic superior flow during upstroke.
  • Bi-material blade for ideal blending of flex and performance.
  • Proven patented split-fin technology.

All SCUBAPRO split fins employ a truly remarkable propulsion technology that uses an unconventional hydrofoil shape to produce forward motion with considerably less effort than any other conventional blade.

  • This secret lies in the patented design, which allows water to flow between and around each of the twin blades, which flex independently to produce propulsion in much the same manner as a propeller.
  • Blades are also angled to provide symmetrical power on both up and down strokes to achieve seamless propulsion.


  • Patented split-fin propeller technology has been proven to deliver more forward motion with considerably less effort than traditional blades.
  • Dual-compound construction blends the best characteristics of two different yet compatible compounds to achieve the highest level of performance.  
  • Drag-reducing vents substantially decrease resistance on both up and down strokes.  
  • Extended sole plate acts like a lever to enhance power stroke.  
  • Soft, vented foot pocket is bio-engineered for optimum fit and comfort while seamlessly transferring energy from the diver to the fin.  
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