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Scubapro Reel - 75m

Scubapro Reel - 75m

To hold a surface marker buoy, for wreck diving, and to set a decompression line. Scubapro Reel is an ideal accessory for all diving applications, this reel is unique on the market.

SKU 40.122.000

Professional-Grade Reel Designed for Serious Diving Scenarios

This heavy-duty reel is a versatile accessory for search and navigation dives and a mandatory gear item for wreck or cave diving.

The high-resistance anodized alloy frame is built tough to endure rugged technical diving, while the nylon fiberglass reel handle maximizes durability while minimizing weight.

Scubapro ReelThe folding knob and balanced handle are positioned in the axis of the spool for effortless handling, plus reduce drag and line entanglement. The reel includes a unique quick-adjustment feature on the handle that offers the choice of free rotation or two friction positions.

Includes 246ft/75m of 0.7in/2mm diameter polyester line and one swivel snap.





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