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Scubapro Digital 330M Bottom Timer

Scubapro Digital 330M Bottom Timer

The Scubapro Digital Timer incorporates several basic dive instruments including current, maximum and average depth, temperature and dive time into a compact information center. The continuously updated average depth display is particularly useful for divers running off tables and/or in bailout situations.

SKU 05.014.110

The ScubaPro 330M Digital Depth Gauge and Timer is a very practical instrument that incorporates state-of-the-art microchip technology, and several basic dive instruments into a compact information center.

The new version of this popular digital gauge comes with rubber straps as well as a housing which can be used to bungee mount (with bungee holes as depicted here). Not only does the gauge show dive time, current depth, temperature, maximum depth but it also calculates average depth for the dive.


ScubaPro Digital Depth Gauge and Timer 330MDepth rated to 1082 feet (330 meters)

  • Includes precision digital depth gauge, dive time, and thermometer: displays actual and maximum depth (up to 1082ft), dive time, temperature (water and air) and average depth (continuously updated).
  • Automatic turn-on and off: it is automatically ready to dive after a self-test
  • Surface interval displayed for 24 hours
  • Logbook for the last nine dives
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Variable ascent rates in % and fast ascent warning; variable ascent rate warning (20-66ft/minute) for safer diving.
  • Long battery life for over one thousand 1-hour dives.
  • Temperature (water and air)

Scubapro 330M Digital Timer Specifications

* The battery life of the timer is expected to be between 10 to 13 years depending on the amount and duration of dives. During the start-up phase, the Digital 330m which uses a sealed battery verifies the status of the battery. If the remaining battery charge is 10% or less of the initial charge, the battery symbol will appear on the display for 10 seconds. In this case, the unit must be replaced as the battery cannot be changed. Want to know more? Right click on the link > Digital 330m Manual and save the PDF user manual which has all the details.

ScubaPro 330m Digital Timer

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