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Scubapro Analog Double Console

Scubapro Analog Double Console

The Scubapro Analog Double Console with a pressure and depth gauge. Both the SPG and depth gauge are housed within a robust protective rubber boot with loops at the end and either side of the high pressure hose.

SKU 05.012.210

The Scubapro depth gauge uses a clear scale to show actual depth to a maximum of 60m.

The gauge shows 3m and 6m as red dots to indicate these critical safety stop depths and 40 - 60 as shown in solid red to indicate the limits of recreational diving and beyond.

The gauge also features an analogue maximum depth needle to record the deepest point since last reset.

  • Scubapro Analog Double ConsoleSubmersible pressure gauge 0-400  bar
  • Exclusive engineering with copper beryllium spiral
  • Strong flurescent backgroun
  • Loops for easy attachment
  • High Pressure hose included


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