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Santi Max Heating System Set

Santi Max Heating System Set
Santi Heated BZ400 Undersuit Santi Heated BZ400 Undersuit Santi Heated BZ400 Undersuit Santi Heated Gloves Drysuit Connector OR Thermovalve 303

Complete Santi Max Heating System Set includes: BZ400 Extreme Heated Undersuit, Heated Gloves and Drysuit Connector (upgradable to all-in-one Thermovalve 303).

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Santi Max Heating System Set includes:

  • Santi BZ400 Extreme Heated Undersuit
  • Undersuit Bag
  • Heated Gloves
  • All necessary cables
  • Drysuit Connector upgradable to all-in-one Thermovalve 303


Santi Heated BZ400 Undersuit is designed to protect the whole body of a diver from the cold in a comprehensive manner. The undersuit heats evenly the trunk, thighs and arms.

The undersuit is designed to be worn on top of a thin base layer allowing most of the generated heat to be passed directly to the diver’s body.

The Heated SANTI undersuit gives you the best thermal protection under water. It keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained.

New generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking. Innovative, synthetic power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts.

Works only with Santi Drysuit Connector or Thermovalve. Don’t combine with other connectors or batteries higher than 12V

  • Operating time on 24Ah battery: approx. 2h 30min - 3h
  • Made of BZ400 (420g/m2) Thinsulate™
  • Built in heating glove wires
  • Handy pocket on waist for power cord
  • P-valve hose opening
  • Net cuffs with rubber loops for thumbs
  • Elastic gussets under the armpits
  • Two side pockets
  • Elastic waist band
  • Two way entry zipper
  • Foot straps
  • Maximum heating temperature 45°C
  • Heating power: 110 W
  • Safety switch prevents from overheating
  • Wires covered with ultra-soft silicone resistant to breaking
  • Power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts
  • Undersuit bag included
  • Mens stock sizes
  • Made to measure option for ladies and men

Learn more: Santi Heating System Manual


FREE "Made to Fit"
Very few divers require a totally made to measure suit due to the wide range of standard sizes available from manufacturers. With this in mind, Santi offers a free of charge Made-to-Fit service to any standard size suit ordered, sculpting standard suits to a divers' measurements. With your order, you can request up to 4 changes (ranging from 2 to 5 cm) to any of the standard size measurements listed under height, chest, inner arm, biceps, forearm, waist, hips, inner leg, thigh, calf or body trunk on the SANTI size chart.


Santi Heated Gloves are very soft, and do not hinder the movements in any way. The thin heating cables are arranged and sewn in such a way that they are practically imperceptible. Under your dry glove you don’t feel the difference – is it your normal gloves or the heated ones? But you can feel the difference in the comfort you experience.

Hands are the first to get cold. When chilled and numb they cause discomfort. But they are also incapable of proper handling of inflator or valves, taking pictures or filmmaking. Capable hands are also helpful if you want to quickly escape troubles underwater.

Evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for freedom of movements in palms. The gloves keep your hands warm even when the heating is not on.

Gloves can be easily connected to Santi Heated Vest or Undersuits without any additional cables.

  • Includes: gloves and cables
  • Breathable fabric
  • Maximum heating temperature 45°C
  • Maximum heating power: 36W (pair)
  • Maximum operating voltage: 12V

Available sizes:
XS (7), S (8), M (8,5), L (9), XL (9,5), XXL (10)   SANTI SIZE CHART


Santi Drysuit ConnectorSanti Drysuit Connector is used with your existing drysuit inflation valve.

Once your standard drysuit inflator valve is removed, the Santi Drysuit Connector is placed and secured in the drysuit valve hole. The cables run through the connector. The existing drysuit inflation valve is then screwed on top of the connector. Select Si-Tech or Apeks as the diameter will be different.

E/O cord connector passes through a standard suit inflation valve and provides power connection from the external battery to a heated product under the drysuit.

  • Available with Apeks or Si-Tech thread size
  • Unit hight 19mm + standard drysuit inflator
  • Total length of the cables including 55cm
  • Works with power supply no higher than 12V



Santi Thermovalve 303The Santi Thermovalve 303 completely replaces your exsisting drysuit inflation valve.

Unlike the Santi Drysuit Connector, it offers two functions in one device: drysuit inflation valve with an integrated connector for Santi heating systems. Select Si-Tech or Apeks as the diameter will be different.

Its great advantage is placing the cable with the E/O connector in the down position, with the possibility of turning the head by 270 degrees, which allows for trouble-free connection of the hopper cable both in the position of the connector to the right and left.

  • Includes E/O Blind Plug
  • Available with Apeks or Si-Tech thread size
  • Unit hight 29mm
  • Total length of the cables 55cm
  • Works with power supply no higher than 12V


Santi 24Ah BatteryThe Santi 24Ah Battery was designed to provide enough power to operate full heated suits. The 24Ah Halcyon/SANTI battery pack is manufactured with hi-tech rechargeable Li-Ion cells which offer high discharge current. As a result, it may be used to supply power to equipment items which require 200W in total.

On the top section of the canister there are an E/O cord connector, piezo switch, overpressure valve. There is also a belt loop (no need for clamps) on the side of the housing.

The battery is designed to supply power to SANTI Heating Systems including undersuits, vests and gloves. However it may be also used with Halcyon Primary Diving Lights.

  • Height: 27cm / Diameter: 7.4cm / Weight: 1.8kg
  • E/O cord length: 35cm
  • Charging time: 14 hours
  • Operation depth: 100m
  • E/O cord connector with unique led illumination
  • Piezo switch
  • Belt loop (no need for clamps)
  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Material: polyacetal, POM, Delrin
  • Charger included
Operating times:
  • Santi Heated Undersuit: 2hrs 30min - 3hrs
  • Santi Heated Vest: 5 - 6hrs
  • Santi Heated Gloves: 9 - 10hrs
  • Santi Undersuit + Gloves: 2hrs - 2hrs 15min
  • Santi Vest + Gloves: 3hrs 15min - 3hrs 45min

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