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Wide range of scuba diving accessories from regulator mouthpieces to long hose retainers, 2nd stage bungee kits and regulator necklaces to fixed regulator elbows, dust caps, 5th port upgrade kits and over pressure relief valves, din to a-clamp adapters to hose hats, air nozzles, pressure testers and multi tools plus much more.

Regulator Accessories


Hose Hat

The hose hat is designed to simply press onto the knurled sleeve on the quick disconnect of the inflator hose. It provides a larger, easier to grip flange especially useful for drysuit connection. Emergency disconnect of the LP hose from dry suit inflator nipple, even with thick gloves, is now possible.


DIN Dust Cap - Regulator

Plastic dust cap for DIN regulator first stages protecting the DIN fitting and threads against dust, splashes and damage. Has an internal o-ring and a string attached to prevent loss. 


1st Stage Blanking Plug

Regulator first stage Blanking Plug. Choice of 3/8" or 1/2" low pressure or a high pressure.

Port Size

Apeks Long Hose Retainer

The Apeks Long Hose Retainer is used to retain the long hose when diving in a long hose configuration without the need for a canister light.


Regulator Necklace

Reliable and simple Necklace for backup regulator made from bungee cord.


Pandora Multi Tool + FREE Pouch

With FREE Pouch worth £9.95. Pandora Multi Tool is a diver’s 'Swiss knife' designed to ease field maintenance, where and when it matters. It is as small as a credit-card but has all the functions of a multi-tool, with virtually every essential tool cut into its solid frame. Available in Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Steel or Titanium

10 x DIN Regulator O-Rings

Pack of 10 regulator 1st stage (DIN) O-rings.


Apeks 90 Degree Fixed Elbow

Apeks 90 Degree Fixed Elbow for regulator second stages. Fits most regulators.


Bestdivers Hex Multi-Tool

Hex Multi-Tool made out stainless steel is small enought to fit in the palm. Wrench fittings: 13, 14, 15 and 17mm. Allen fittings: 4, 5, 6 and 8mm.


IST Over Pressure Relief Valve

Adjustable 1st stage over pressure valve. Pressure releases from 11.7 bar up.


Apeks Regulator Bag

The Apeks Regulator Bag is a large padded regulator bag with enough space to hold your sidemount or twin set regulators and plenty of space for a single set-up.


Apeks Second Stage Bungee Connector Kit

The Apeks Second Stage Bungee Connector Kit has been designed as a neat storage solution for your backup regulator and can be configured according to a diver's personal preference.


Scubapro Regulator Mouthpiece

Replacement Scubapro Mouthpiece is made out of purest medical silicone.


Scubapro Regulator & Computer Bag

With the trendy designed Scubapro Regulator Bag accompanied by the Computer Bag you can always be sure your regulator, gauges and dive computer are protected for your next dive outing.


Intermediate Pressure Gauge

The compact 1.5-inch diameter ultra-lightweight dual-scale intermediate pressure gauge is perfect for helping diagnose problems in the field. Plugs into any standard BC low pressure inflator hose.


Scubapro DIN/Int Travel Adapter

Scubapro DIN/Int adapter is a lightweight travel adapter for divers who are used to diving with DIN systems.


Apeks Over Pressure Relief Valve

Apeks Over Pressure Relief Valve for Drysuit Inflation Systems designed to be used on the first stage with a relief pressure of 12-17 bar, enhancing dive safety. The valve is a standard 3/8 UNF fitting for LP ports on contemporary first stages.


Bestdivers Wrench Multi-Tool

The stainless steel Best Divers Wrench Tool is the perfect accompaniment to any divers tool kit. Fits most of the major manufacturers hose fittings and has a lovely ergonomic feel to it. Five wrench fittings.


DIN to A-Clamp Adapter

Adapter to convert DIN first stage regulator to A-clamp version.


Scubapro Blow Gun

The Scubapro "blow gun" can be connected to any low pressure inflator or dry suit hose via LP hose quick coupling. Bend the nose of the rubber body to get an easily-controlled LP jet of air. An essential accessory for any diver.


IST Regulator Adjustment Tool

The adjustment tool is designed to fine tune lever position and second stage gas flow, backed by a pressure gauge to determine intermediate pressure. With dual fittings, hex and slotted - interchangeable pressure gauge position and adjustable shaft length for maximum compatability.


Apeks Comfobite Mouthpiece - Green

Apeks Green Comfobite regulator mouthpieces are as comfortable as the black versions.


Intermediate Pressure Gauge with Bleeder Valve

IST Intermediate Pressure Gauge with Bleeder Valve & BC Hose Connection.


Scubapro 120 Degree Elbow

The Scubapro 120 Degree Elbow provides a fixed 120 degree angle bend for low pressure hose to the second stage, ideal for alternative hose routing that would affect the natural positioning of the second stage.


Apeks Coloured Mouthpiece Kit

Set of four Apeks Coloured Regulator Mouthpieces made from soft silicone. All the edges have been rounded ensuring it’s comfortable to wear even during extended dives. Includes red, yellow, blue and green mouthpiece.


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