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Ratio iX3M Tech+ Computer

Ratio iX3M Tech+ Computer
Ratio iX3M Dive Computer Ratio iX3M Dive Computer Ratio iX3M Dive Computer Ratio iX3M Dive Computer


For the Advanced and Technical OC/CCR diver. The Ratio iX3M Tech+ has a double core algorithm Buhlmann ZHL16B + VPM-B pre-installed and running in real time, an ability to work with 10 gas mixes, easy to switch between air, gauge, nitrox, trimix, open circuit, Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) and bailout modes, the unit is also future-proof and upgradeable to iX3M Reb software and casing/CCR connection.

The iX3M boasts the biggest high contrast wide angle (150°) view IPS technology screen on the market with a wonderful QVGA 2.8 inch colour display at 144 dip resolution and is fully customisable with your favourite colours with easily readable big bold letters. Rated to 300 metres, the unit has repetitive dive management, deep or pyle stops, salt and fresh water choices, manual or automatic set points for CCR, on-the-fly setting changes in any mode, full deco table screen, tissue saturation charts and much much more.

With its upgradable firmware the iX3M, with 40 hours runtime on dive mode on a single charge, also comes with a number of pre-installed apps available at the push of a button. GPS, Magmeter, Chrono, Pitch & Roll, Moon Phase, Luxmeter and the Mix Analyser (to use to the external analyser) are just some of them available immediately and developers are working on more with user feedback - the most recent app to arrive is Gas Blender to mix Nitrox and Trimix. (Read More)

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Add O2 Analyser

One computer that does all. The iX3M. OC and CCR Tech+

The iX3M CCR and Open Circuit mixed gas dive computer (iX3M Tech+) programmable to 10 gas mixes is a powerful dual core processing machine with 300m depth rating in a rugged body running real time and pre-installed Buhlmann ZHL-16B or VPM-B algorithms in the background. All iX3M computers have user settable Gradient Factors and/or VPM Critical Bubble Radius (RO) which can be changed during the dive as well as multi altorithm deep stop choices. 

  • OC, CCR, Trimix enabled
  • Buhlmann ZHL 16B and VPM-B
  • User changeable GF & R0
  • 2.8" screen, 150° angle, 144 DPI
  • USB Charge & Interface 


The WOW list:

  • Fully Customizable
  • 10 mixes - OC, CCR, Bailout and Deco
  • Integrated Global Satellite Navigation System
  • True Double Core Algorithm
  • Real Time Buhlmann ZHL16-B and VPM-B
  • On-the fly GF/VPM R0 Changing
  • Resettable Average Depth and Timer
  • Repetitive dives management
  • Deep Stop, Deco Stop & Safety Stops
  • Full Deco Table
  • Tissue Saturation Chart
  • HD Dive Profile
  • Complete Dive Planner
  • Biggest, colourful display ever
  • IPS Technology
  • Ambient light sensor
  • 4 Physical Buttons
  • Vibration Alarms
  • Long life USB Rechargeable Battery
  • One cable to rule them all
  • 85° Tilt Compensate Compass with reciprocal
  • Oxygen analyser (Optional purchase)

Lots of APPs:  

  • Gas Mixer
  • Magnetometer

  • Luxmeter

  • Barometer

  • Thermometer

  • Pitch&Roll

  • Moon Calendar

  • Altimeter

  • Chronometer

* Integrated GS Navigation System

> Download Ratio iX3M User Manual
> Download Ratio iX3M Apps Manual

> Read Ratio iX3M Specifications

All 'control' of the iX3M is through 4 buttons at the base of the unit with a simple menu system allowing on the fly adjustments for almost anything and in any mode.

It's 2.8 inch display with clear bold letters under a Makrolon top glass is one of a kind, easy to read, boasting a high contrast wide angle (150°) view IPS technology screen with wonderful QVGA colour at 144 dip resolution and is fully customisable with your favourite colours.  

The unit comes with its USB connection cable (PC/MAC and charging interface) and its firmware can be upgraded via the internet alongside downloads and upgrade of unit specific apps.

Ratio iX3M Tech+ Computer

The iX3M Tech+ is an advanced mix gas computer which can be used in Open Circuit or Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) mode. User definable mixes on the Tech+ and the iX3M Reb are 10 mixes, 3 diluents. OC mode allows for decompression gas switches and gas breaks on ascent as well as bottom gas switches and/or CCR to OC bailout, subsequent OC decompression. Mixes are programmable from 05 to 99% O2 and 00 to 99% He. Max PO2 on the unit is 0.4 - 1.6.

With a complete dive planner/simulator built into the unit, the iX3M has visual, acoustic and vibration alarms, a compass screen, stopwatch and magnotometer that can be used underwater and on the surface. 

Reliable Software & Algoritms

The core of any dive computer is its software and the algorithm it uses, what pre-installed algorithm(s) it comes with.

Ratio iX3M computers are based on a true double core algorithm pre-installed at production. Both the Buhlmann ZHL16-B and the VPM-B algorithm are installed as complete versions and run in real time.

The iX3M series integrates the real and complete algorithm to calculate your current tissue saturation and decompression profile in real time. This allows to obtain reliable and very safe decompression profiles.

The iX3M Real Time algorithms are so flexible that you can also change their conversatism during a dive.

Starting a dive, all you have to do is chose from the iX3M menu which algorithm to use and optionally add/adjust the safety factors for that algorithm.

For Gradient Factors you can adjust GFlo/Hi and for VPM you can adjust the starting Critical Bubble Radius (R0).

The iX3M allows you to change the conservatism even during a dive to reduce or extend the TTS in a appropriate deco curve.

Plese note, only the iX3M Tech+ and the iX3M Reb allow adjustment of GF or R0 while iX3M only lets you change the conservatism level (PS) for the dive.


Repetitive Dive Management

More dives a day in more days? No problem at all. 

With its real time algorithms the iX3M calculates your real tissue saturation status and calculates your repetitive dive profile according to your previous dives. This means the profile is always optimised, even after days of repetitive diving.

Manual Gas Management

The iX3m kets you easily perform a gas break or manuallty manage mix changes i.e. anticipating the scheduled mix change at a different depth. With its easy menu and bold buttons, you have complete control over your technical dive.

Deep, Deco and Safety Stops

Fully customisable, all of them! Safety stops in your agency's style: Set the depth and the time of your safety stop. Deep Stops in multiple ways: Deep stops off, with standard method or with Pyle stops, it's up to you. Deco stops in your style: Set the Deco steps for every range of depth you want. The iX3M will do the math for you.

Ambient Light Sensor

Optimising autonomy and readability, Let the iX3M automatically regulate the luminosity of the screen in real time, but if you prefer you can set your favourite fixed luminosity level.


Vibration Alarms

The iX3M has alarms only you can feel. In addition to the traditional and acoustic alarms the iX3M features a very powerful vibration alarm. So powerful, you will feel it through your dry suit. But like everything with these units, the alarm is adjustable and is user dependent.

All the information you want

The Ratio iX3M can tell you more or less everything to do with your dive. Using one button at any stage of the dive you can see your full deco table (where deco is required, a graphic illustration of your tissue saturation and the HD Dive Profile.

Full deco table: Not only a global Time To Surface (TTS) but all the deco stops, time and mixes to be used are displayed. Tissue Saturation: Displays current tissue saturation level. During decompression it will display which tissues have to be desaturated to continue the ascent. HD Dive Profile: The graphic of the cyrrent dive diagram updated real time during the dive and displayed in a gorgeous, bright and big 2.8ic. 144 dpi resolution colour screen.




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