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Poles for GoPro


GoPole Bobber Grip - GoPro mount

The Bobber is the first of its kind floating GoPro accessory. Designed to save your camera if droped in the water, it doubles as a hand grip and flotation device. Unlike others on the market it will not block the view of your LCD screen. The Bobber floats sticking straight up out the water and being bright yellow makes it easy to spot. Save yourself the heartache of watching your camera sink to the bottom of the ocean. Especially useful for those boat trips you all love to use your GoPro's!


GoPole Grenade - GoPro Mount

The GoPole GRENADE grip and mount is a versatile, must have accessory with endless uses both on the surface and underwater. Grenade Grips are a great way to stabilize your GoPro footage while filming and at just under 5.5" in length and 3oz, are extremely compact and light. The grenade which comes with its own lanyard can be hand held underwater as an alternative to a "Goodman Handle" and clipped on when diving.


GoPole Reach Mini Pole - GoPro (Telescoping Mount)

Extend the capabilities of your GoPro®. Capture selfies with ease or flip the camera around on the pivoting head to shoot your subject with stability and precision. The 4-stage telescoping body of Reach Mini collapses down to a travel-ready, compact and portable size.


GoPole Reach Pole - GoPro (Telescoping Mount)

GoPole REACH is a telescoping extension pole built for action and engineered for strength. Extends from 17" to 40" in three steps. Whether on the surface or underwater, shoot your subject with stability and precision and extend the capabilities of your GoPro by getting closer to the action, capturing unique angles. Great for those tight spots between reefs, rocks and in wrecks. Also works perfect for self-shots with a 3-part extension that allows you to select the camera's distance to yourself. Relatively neutral buoyancy makes it easy and practical to use. Diver? Have a GoPro? get a GoPole Reach!


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