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Dive light parts and accessories ranging from e/o cables and connectors to switch assemblies, goodman handles, thumb loops, led bulbs, replacement batteries, battery trays, dive torch o-rings, e/o blind plugs and more.

Parts & Accessories


Halcyon Coldwater Thumb Loop for Goodman Handle

Larger Halcyon Thumb Loop for Halcyon Exploration Goodman Handle or Halcyon Standard Goodman Handle. Ideal for divers using dry gloves. Comes complete with srews and hex key.


Halcyon Explorer Goodman Handle - For Focus & Flare

The Halcyon Explorer Goodman Handle attaches directly onto a Focus or Flare light head replacing the adjustable handle. The unit comes complete with a Tekna Mini Knife attached to the handle. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.


Halcyon Focus / Flare Standard Goodman Handle

Traditional Goodman Handle attaches directly onto Halcyon Focus or Flare body to replace stock adjustable handle. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.


Ammonite Accu Click Mount

The Ammonite Click Mount is made out of stainless steel and delrin. The circular delrin holder can be loosened to slip over a battery canister and then tightened in place.

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Ammonite e/o Light Cable

The e/o cable allows the use Ammonite System’s batteries to power heating systems, as well as combining elements of the system with other products operating in the voltage range 12.0-14.4 V.

Cable Side

Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle

The Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle allows you to add a scooter loop later when needed. You can adjust the grip underwater. All parts are combined and secured with one screw going through the whole construction.


Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle with Scooter Loop

The Modular Goodman Handle from Ammonite with Scooter Loop.


Ammonite Sidemount Battery Holder

The Ammonite Sidemount Accu Holder is made of stainless steel. It has double holes and durable bungee cords which allow mounting batteries of different sizes.


Ammonite Sidemount Light Cable

High-strength Ammonite Sidemount Cable with the connector at 90° angle outgoing from the battery.


Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle

The Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle allows hands free diving while using a canister or hand-held torch. The durable Delrin handle has double bungee cord on one side to be slipped over the hand and an integral strong bungee that stretches over any torch head.


Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle

Ammonite's Standard Goodman Handle is ergonomic with rounded lower handle that better adapts to the shape of the hand.


Ammonite Standard Light Cable

Standard Ammonite Heavy Duty Cable. 1.2 meter long with two o-rings in each plug ensuring watertight connection.


Bestdivers Torch Holder

A useful neoprene torch holder for a small light leaves your hand free. 


Halcyon Black Switch Boot

Black Switch Boot for Halcyon Helios and Proteus lights.


Halcyon Blue Switch Boot

Blue Switch Boot for Halcyon Explorer and Proteus lights.


Halcyon Canister Torch Latch

Single locking latch for Halcyon delrin light canisters.


Halcyon E/O Cord

E/O cord for Halcyon dive lights (2 required for set between canister battery and torch head. 


Halcyon Focus Switch Assembly

Replacement switch assemble for Halcyon Focus, Focus 2.0 and Flare dive lights.


Halcyon HP Scout LED Bulb

Halcyon replacement Scout LED Bulb have a remarkable lifetime, lasting more than ten years while burning continuously. Compatible with both the Mini and Standard Scouts.


Halcyon Light Head O-Ring

Replacement Lamp, Bumper and Lens O-rings for Halcyon Explorer and Proteus Lights.

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Halcyon Light Lid O-Ring

Replacement lid o-ring for Halcyon Explorer, Proteus and Helios dive lights

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Halcyon Replacement Battery - Flare, Focus

Replacement 5.2Ah battery for Halcyon Focus and Flare umbilical dive lights. Charger not included.


Halcyon Scout Battery Tray

Replacement light battery tray for the robust and reliable Halcyon Scout LED divers backup light.

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Halcyon Scout Bezel

Replacement bezel for Halcyon Scout and Mini Scout.


Halcyon Scout Body

Replacement light body for the Halcyon Scout or Mini Scout backup torch.

Standard or Mini Body

IST Nylon Buckle

A Nylon Buckle is ideal for keeping canister torch in its place securely, or as a replacement buckle for your weight belt.


Light Switch for Halcyon Torches

Light switch for Halcyon Pro, Proteus, Helios and Explorer range dive lights.


Scout O-ring

Replacement o-ring for the Halcyon Scout and Mini Scout backup lights.


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