Here at Underwater Explorers | Dirdirect we stock Halcyon and Apeks drysuit P-valves as well as the best catheters, Wideband. An ideal P-valve configuration consists of a low-profile, balanced valve, a flexible but sturdy hose that will not kink or get blocked, a one way quick disconnect at hose-end to attach catheter (to allow you to connect and disconnect with ease on the surface) and of course a comfortable, reliable catheter.

P-Valves and Catheters


Halcyon Streamlined P-Valve

Whether you are interested in a short, comfortable dive or face long decompression obligations, the Halcyon Balanced Streamline P-valve provides new level of comfort. Valves chosen to provide minimal backpressure, increasing comfort for female and male divers. 

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Apeks P-valve

Go with your flow and dive in comfort with the Apeks P-Valve. Never again let your pre-dive hydration be a concern during your dry suit dive. With one of the fastest flow rates of any pee valve on the market, you can relax and enjoy the call of the wild while the Apeks P-Valve answers your call of nature.


OMS P-valve

The OMS P-valve is designed to have the balance valve removed and replaced with a waterproof and pressure proof blank. This also allows the diver to clean and rebuild the valve when necessary but still keep the dry suit in service.


Halcyon P-Valve Connector

Standard Halcyon P-Valve connector without quick disconnect option. If you are looking for a quick connect/disconnect system, options are the She-P Quick Disconnector and the P-Valve Disconnector.


P-Valve Quick Disconnect

What differs this Quick Release Hose Connector from others is that it is a quick disconnect system with a one-way flow. As soon as the system is separated the check valve engages and prevents any flow back. Ideal for longer days, boat trips where the P-valve (and catheter) can be disengaged multiple times or divers can attach themselves to the P-valve hose easily.


Wideband™ Catheter

Designed to stay on, the original (Rochester) Wideband™ Catheter is made of clear, soft, breathable silicone. Perfect for standard connections as well as the popular one-way P-Valve Quick Disconnect which allows the valve to be disconnected when not in use.


Wideband™ Catheters for P-Valve - Box of 30

Box of 30 Wideband™ Catheters 29mm or 32mm. Designed to stay on, the  Wide Band Catheters feature 70% greater adhesive area than traditional self-adhering catheters. Made of clear, soft, breathable silicone. Perfect for standard connections as well as the popular one-way P-Valve Quick Disconnect.


Halcyon P-Valve Hose

Replacement hose for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve.


Halcyon P-valve Cap

Replacement cap for Halcyon Streamlined P-valves.


Halcyon P-valve Duckbill Check Valve

Replacement duckbill valve for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve.


Halcyon P-valve Umbrella Valve

The Halcyon P-valve Umbrella Valve is a replacement umbrella "flapper" valve for Halcyon Streamlined P-valves.


She-P 3.0

The She-P makes it possible for females to comfortably use a p-valve while diving in a drysuit instead of using diapers. A soft silicone device featuring a reservoir with ‘output’ tube, that has flexible ‘wings’ that are designed to be adhered to the skin with a medical adhesive.


She-P 3.0 Kit

The She-P 3.0 kit includes: She-P 3.0 silicone, Quick Disconnect with extension, adhesive spray and a box of adhesive removers. This is a reusable device. Taking the cost of the Hollister Spray into account, the cost per dive is lower than that of a catheter for the boys.


She-P Quick Disconnector

Quick disconnect system with 10cm norprene tubing (p-valve hose) for She-P.


She-P Remover Wipes

She-P remover wipes to safely remove Hollister Spray from the skin and/or the She-P. Box of 50 wipes.


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