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Oxycheq analyzers and diving equipment are used by a variety of government agencies, the US Military, industrial, safety, major universities, dive shops, dive boats, technical divers and anything in between. All of their analyzers and diving equipment are built for harsh, demanding environments.


Tank Valve / Inflator Tool
A combination tool. It is used to tighten or loosen the nut on tank valves or repairing or tightening buoyancy compensator valves. Perfect for all save a dive kits and repair benches. Easily attached to any key chain through the small circular hole.

Travel Single Tank Adapters

Ideal replacement for heavier standard single tank adapter for travelling diver. Light weight, stainless steel. Each adapter weighs 118 gr. with bolt and washer.


OxyCheq Sensor Saver
The OxyCheq Sensor Saver increases the life of the sensor by sealing out the external air and provides an external barrier to keep contaminates out of the sensor during storage.

Graphite Pencil

What you need is a wood-free pencil with a nice strong graphite core. Most ordinary pencils are made from wood with a graphite core. The wood swells in the water and eventually the pencil breaks up.... making it useless for the task.


Gift certificates


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