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Replacement silicone dive mask straps. Neoprene mask strap covers and slap strap. Anti-Fog.

Mask Accessories


Santi Blackout Mask Cover

Santi Blackout Mask Cover is designed to simulate zero visibility. An ideal tool for technical instructors.


Halcyon Mask Slap Strap

High quality 6.5mm neoprene with blue plush backing and no-fray Velcro attachement mask strap fits any standard mask attachement, and provides an extra degree of comfort and stability.


Santi Mask Slap Strap

Neoprene Santi mask strap with velcro straps. Black with red Santi logo.


OMS Mask Slap-Strap

The OMS Neoprene Mask Strap with velcro strap.


OMS Mask Strap Cover

Neoprene mask strap cover with OMS Logo. Black.


Halcyon Mask Strap Cover

Simple neoprene strap cover that fits over your latex mask strap.


Scubapro Black Rubber Mask Strap

Black rubber mask strap by Scubapro with comfort fit wide head rest - will fit most masks.


Scubapro Neoprene Mask Strap Cover

Scubapro Neoprene Mask Strap Cover fits over silicone mask strap for increased comfort. One side is black and the other yellow.


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