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Aluminium stage and suit inflation cylinders from Luxfer.


3L Aluminum Cylinder

O2 clean 3L white Aluminium 232bar cylinder with mono valve for scuba diving.


7L Ali Stage Cylinder

Aluminium Luxfer 7L stage cylinder / deco cylinder. O2 clean with 207bar operating pressure. The 'dirty beast' unbrushed aluminium.

Valve Type
Add Stage Rigging Kit

1.5L Suit Inflation/Argon Cylinder - Aluminium

1.5L brushed aluminium suit inflation cylinder 200bar. Ideal size for CCR divers, longer decompression dives or multiple dives.


6cf Suit Inflation/Argon Cylinder - Aluminium

Aluminium 0.85L suit inflation and/or argon cylinder. 200bar. Popularly used with air but can also be used with argon.

Add Mounting Loops

7L Ali Sidemount Cylinder - Dirty Beast

Dirty Beast 7L Luxfer ali cylinder. O2 clean with Left or Right hand expandable valve. Suitable for sidemount divers or for those wanting to carry stage cylinders on either side.

Left or Right Hand Valve

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