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Light For Me - 7XPE Light Head with e/o Cord

Light For Me - 7XPE Light Head with e/o Cord
Light For Me - 7XPE with e/o Cord Light For Me - 7XPE with e/o Cord Light For Me - 7XPE with e/o Cord Light For Me - 7XPE with e/o Cord

Limited stock - Special End of Line Sale! The LIght-For-Me 7XPE with a e/o cord  is a small and light head that is controlled by a  Piezo switch. The light has two modes: 30% and 100% providing 2,200 lumens of a naroow 6 degree beam. It can be used with 12/14V battery canisters that have E/O cord connections.

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Limited stock - Special End of Line Sale! 7XPE with a e/o cord is a new version of Light For Me best seller 7XRE. The new design is smaller and lighter and comes with a new type of Piezo switch. The light has two modes 30% and 100% providing 2,200 lumens.

Light For Me 7XPE with eo CordThe switch is recessed in the housing which prevents it from being accidentally pressed.

Goodman handle is also made from anodised aluminium, has a comfortably-fit handle and additional holes for attaching snap bolts and lighter weight.


  • 7 XP-E LEDs
  • 2200 lumens
  • narrow beam of light - 6 degrees
  • > 7000K light temperature
  • 2 modes of light: 100% and 30%
  • supervision over the LEDs' temperature
  • e/o cord
  • head: made from aluminium, anodised in black
  • Piezo switch in silver / grey recessed into the housing (no accidental switch on/off, no influence on compass)
  • head:  weight: 0.85kg, diameter: 85mm - 95mm, length: 54 mm

FAQ - What is an E/O Connector/Cord - do I need one?

E/O Fittings (wetmates) are versatile pluggable two-pin connectors which allow divers to utilise their batteries with more than one light head, heating systems etc. by allowing the diver to change what the battery powers. A male-female E/O connector at end of the battery side cord will require a male-female E/O connector on the cord leading to light head or heating system.  The term E/O comes from the first manufacturer of such fittings: Electro-Oceanic Inc. but current connectors on the market are totally new generation,  still referred to as E/O or underwater pluggable cords/connectors. E/O cords may require more care and maintenance than continuous cables especially when/if exposed to salt water. It is recommended the connectors are cleaned and well maintained between dives, not directly exposed to salty conditions.

If you are using your battery canister only to power up your torch, a standard cable will suffice. If you intend to change light heads or use the battery to power more than one element (i.e. torch and any heating system) ensure the battery meets the power requirement of both systems combined. E/O cord option on this item means the battery/canister will have a cord with E/O fitting at the end and the light-head will have a cord with mateable E/O fitting on the torch end. When not in use, each connector can be protected with a Blind [Dummy] Plug.

E/O Cable Connector AccessoriesE/O Y Connector & Blanking Plug

Wetmatable E/O connectors have a wide range of compatible accessories. E/O Y-connectors and Blind [Dummy] Plugs are the most popular accessories used by divers. The Y-connector, also called a Y-Splitter, consists of three waterproof two pole connectors in a single device allowing output to be shared between two devices/systems (i.e. two light heads, a light head and heating system etc) from the same power source. A Blind [Dummy] Plug is a simple two pole dummy connector for protecting unmated connectors against the elements.  These are ideal for heated vests and canister batteries during transport.

Keep in mind: E/O connectors are delicate and any contaminants such as grit, sand, salt residue and similar inside the connector will not allow a connection to be made and could irreversibly damage the cord end.




For information on dive light / underwater torch warranties covering most manufacturers and situations please read our detailed Dive Torch Warranty Information

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