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Light For Me - 3XML Alexandra Light Head - Dive Light

Light For Me - 3XML Alexandra Light Head - Dive Light
Light For Me - 3XML Alexandra Light Head Light For Me - 3XML Alexandra Light Head Light For Me - 3XML Alexandra Light Head

The ultra-bright yet compact and light 3XML Alexandra head is made from anodised aluminium and is equipped with a piezo switch controlling  3 modes of light at a  colour temperature of 6800K (10%, 50% and 100%). Full power provides 3600 lumen at it's fixed beam angle of 13°. 

LFM CompleteThe  light head comes with a goodman handle and a 110cm cord with RCA/Male connector to be used on LFM canister batteries. A stainless steel gland with spring at light head prevents excessive stress on the cord. Alexandra is bright and wide!

You can see a comparison of all these torches on our main Light for Me Pages

Complete Unit or Lighthead Only

The (36W) 3XML Alexandra is a 3 cree smaller sibling of the LFM 4TEC in a lower profile lighthead boasting 3600 lumen output but with more than double the beam angle at a wider 13° and 3 user selectable power settings (10%, 50% and 100%) to accommodate for a variety of conditions. Just add a canister battery of your choice and you're ready to go!

Light For Me XML Alexandra LightDue to its powerful output, the Alexandra has approximately less than half the burn time than the 4TEC on any battery such as on the 4.4Ah canister ( ≈ 2 hours burntime on 100%) or on the 8.6Ah canister (≈ 3 hours burntime on 100%). Larger battery systems will increase the Alexandra burn time significantly to ≈ 9 hours on the 22.75Ah canister.


  • Type of LED: XML
  • Beam Angle: 13°
  • Modes of Light: 10%, 50% and 100%
  • Pressure tested to 100m
  • RCA type connector
  • 4th Signalling Diod
  • LED temperature control
  • Dedicated driver with microprocessor
  • Weight on surface: 635g
  • Head lenght 60mm, diameter 50-60mm

All LFM lightheads come with custom made Goodman handles. LFM Goodman handles are made from anodised aluminium, are light, height adjustable and comfortable. They also have additional holes for attachment/mounting.

LFM lightheads are connected to the canister by a strong, durable and detachable cable via a male/female RCA connection. The canister cable entry point on the battery is also the charging point for batteries that do not have two ports.

We frequently get asked the difference between 3XML Alexandra and 4Tec: 

Whatever suits the type of diving you are doing... Both the Alexandra and the LFM 4TEC are smaller and lighter heads than other LFM lights, though the Alexandra is a bit more smaller. The Alexandra with its 3x XML type Leds has a wider 13° beam angle compared to the narrow 6° beam of the 4x XPE type Leds of the 4Tec and is brighter overall at 3600 lumen compared to the 4Tec's 1200 lumen output.

Alexandra's colour temperature is 6800K while the 4Tec's is >7000K. The 4Tec's reflector and tighter beam allows for plenty of light to fall in a given area and good underwater signalling, similar to 18W HIDs.

The 4TEC also excels in burn times ranging from 5 to 20+ hours depending on size of battery and power setting. 4TEC's are widely used with the compact 4.4Ah ( ≈ 3.5 hours burntime on 100%) or the 8.6Ah (≈ 5.5 hours burntime on 100%) battery canisters. The 4Tec has 2 modes: 30% and 100%. The Alexandra has 3 modes: 10%, 50% and 100%.

O P T I O N A L   B A T T E R Y    C A N I S T E R S

Light For Me Battery XSACCU XS 4.4Ah - Burntime with 3XML Alexandra 2 hours

ACCU XS 4.4Ah is small and compact - great for recreational dives and for dives in remote locations when baggage weight is restricted. It comes equipped with high quality CE and UN 38.3 certified Li-Ion battery pack.

  • battery pack: 4.4 Ah 14.4V Li-Ion
  • max output: 50W
  • one RCA connection port
  • cordura protective cover
  • stainless steel jubilee clips
  • Li-Ion dedicated charger
  • weight: 0.810 kg
  • length: 17.5cm
  • diameter: 5cm

ACCU S 8.6Ah - Burntime with 3XML Alexandra 3 hours

It sits perfectly on harness, great for both recreational and technical divers. ACCU S weighs only 1.245kg so is great for travelling too. Now in a new, larger 8.6Ah capacity.

Light For Me Battery SmallACCU S is equipped with one RCA connection point - used both for attaching one of light-for-me light heads and charging.

  • battery pack: 8.6 Ah 14.4V Li-Ion
  • max output: 70W
  • anodised aluminium and delrin
  • one RCA connection port
  • cordura protective cover
  • stainless steel jubilee clips
  • Li-Ion dedicated charger
  • weight: 1.245 kg
  • length: 19cm
  • diameter: 7.5cm

ACCU L 22.75AH - Burntime with 3XML Alexandra 9 hours

ACCU L is dedicated for technical divers that require longer burn time for the demanding dives they do. Depending on the head connected it can provide up to 17h of burn time (when connected to 4TEC head- 100% power output).

Light For Me Battery LargeIt is tough and reliable, able to withstand the harsh pre-, during- and post-diving conditions.

  • battery pack: 22.75Ah 14.4V Li-Ion
  • max output: 100W
  • anodised aluminium and delrin
  • two RCA connection ports
  • cordura protective cover
  • stainless steel jubilee clips
  • Li-Ion dedicated charger
  • weight: 2.370 kg
  • length: 32.5cm
  • diameter: 7.5cm

For information on dive light / underwater torch warranties covering most manufacturers and situations please read our detailed Dive Torch Warranty Information

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