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Light for Me - Sidemount-Backmount Battery Canister

Light for Me - Sidemount-Backmount Battery Canister
Light For Me Sidemount Accu 11.25 Light For Me Sidemount Accu 11.25 Light For Me Sidemount Accu 4.4 Light For Me Sidemount Accu 4.4

A special design from Light For Me with a 90 degree sidemount port while still addressing the needs of backmount divers. The 4.4 SideMount BackMount Accu has 1 right-angle RCA port for light head attachment and charging while the 11.25Ah canisters have 2 ports each - a standard 'straight feed' backmount port and the angled sidemount port making them suitable for every kind of diving. The 90° port can be used for a variety of configurations.

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LFM Sidemount/Backmount batteries now come in 2 sizes: The lighter and compact 4.4Ah and the larger 11.25Ah. The 4.4Ah Sidemount battery has only one right-angle RCA port for the light head and charging. The 11.25Ah battery has two RCA ports, where either one can be used for the light head for suitable cable routing (and charging). Canister bodies are aluminium and bottom/top caps are delrin to prevent electrolysis and salt water corrosion. The canisters come with a harness belt (webbing) loop held down by 2 jubilee clips. 

*All LFM batteries come pressure tested by manufacturer to 100m and include chargers. They are further tested for functionality by Underwater Explorers / DirDirect before dispatch. *All batteries are supplied with chargers.


LFM 4.4Ah 90° Port Battery Canister (Akku)

The smallest and lightest of battery canisters in the LFM range which can be slipped on a waist harness webbing or easily put into a pocket. Despite its size this battery has serious power and burn time with one 90° RCA port.

Give or take 10%, a new battery should run a 4Tec light head for 3.5 hours, an Alexandra for 2 hours and a 7XPE for 2.5 hours. On the NW7 light head, depending on mode used, the 4.4Ah burn time would be 1, 2 or 3.5 hours. Supplied with charger.

LFM 4.4Ah Sidemount Battery
LFM 11.25Ah Double Port Battery Canisters (Akku)

The 11.25Ah is ideal for long exposure technical and cave dives. Each canister has two ports that can be used for charging and the light head. A straight port pointing "up" and a 90° (right-angle) port. These allow for ideal cable routing for a variety of configurations. While LFM refers to these generally as "sidemount akkus" they also go really well with back mount, feeding the cable out from the diver's body instead of up and out.

  • 2 RCA ports: BackMount port and 90-degree SideMount port
  • Charges and powers through either port
  • Made from anodised aluminium
  • Delrin end caps to prevent electrolysis and corrosion
  • Max power output: 100W
  • codura protective cover with stainless steel jubilee clips / Belt webbing loop
  • Set includes Li-Ion dedicated charger

*Burntimes are rounded and may differ from actual burntime +/- 10%
**Burntimes are based on one head connected to a port

Light for Me LFM Sidemount Accu

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