From the outset, it's always been IST's primary goal to manufacture safe, reliable, high quality products at affordable prices.


IST Hose Holder

Plastic IST Hose Holder in black.


IST Mini Retractor

Retractable lanyard with stainless cord. Maximum extension 91.4cm.


IST Retractable Coil Lanyard

Coil lanyard with quick release buckle and dual clips.


IST Wetnotes

The IST Waterproof Notebook comes in a stylish ballistic nylon case. The case has a see-through pocket for tables and additional notes and three pencil holder pockets inside. The Notebook also comes with an attached pencil.


Divers Tool Kit

Handy sized IST Divers Tool Kit for convenient maintenance of your diving equipment anywhere. From spanners to allen keys and more.


IST Dolphin Tech Backplate

Individually press-formed and all edges de-burred, Dolphin Tech back plates have 5cm (2”) slots for the harness and crotch strap. Available in stainless steel or aluminium.

Backplate Type

IST Dolphin Tech Single Cylinder Wing

The circular air cell design eliminates the chance of gas being trapped thus providing technical divers with precise buoyancy control any time during a dive mission. Available with 30lb or 40lb lift capacity.

Wing Size

IST Over Pressure Relief Valve

Adjustable 1st stage over pressure valve. Pressure releases from 11.7 bar up.


Dive Team Mini SPG

A Mini 50mm 400bar SPG in brass housing. Unit comes without hose or SPG swivel pin.

Add HP Hose
Add SPG Swivel Bar

Divers Mini Multi-Tool

Eight tools in one place. The Mini Multi-Tool for on the go maintenance of dive gear. Stainless steel construction.


Fin Shape Whistle

IST Fin Shape Whistle come in fluorescent yellow or orange complate with split ring.


Gauge Reader Mask

The Gauge Reader dive mask incorporates magnification lenses of +1.75 in the bottom of each lens allowing divers to see normally through the main lenses while being able to look down and see everything closer and BIGGER. Great for divers who feel they need more clarity with their gauges.


Intermediate Pressure Gauge

The compact 1.5-inch diameter ultra-lightweight dual-scale intermediate pressure gauge is perfect for helping diagnose problems in the field. Plugs into any standard BC low pressure inflator hose.


Intermediate Pressure Gauge with Bleeder Valve

IST Intermediate Pressure Gauge with Bleeder Valve & BC Hose Connection.


IST Air Nozzle

IST Air Nozzle - Attaches to standard QD fitting B.C.D. hose to inflate lifting bags and other equipment from air cylinder.


IST Anti Fog Spray

Anti-fog spray for dive mask - Helps against mask fogging / misting 30ml bottle with pump action Spray


IST Button Gauge

A compact IST Button Gauge with fluorescent gauge face fits directly to the 1st stage HP port without hose.


IST Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap

With its soft, standard 5cm/2" wide webbing this crotch strap further secures and stabilises your scuba rig to your torso without causing any discomfort.


IST Regulator Adjustment Tool

The adjustment tool is designed to fine tune lever position and second stage gas flow, backed by a pressure gauge to determine intermediate pressure. With dual fittings, hex and slotted - interchangeable pressure gauge position and adjustable shaft length for maximum compatability.


IST Single Tank Adapter Plate

Made from strong and corrosion resistant stainless steel, Dolphin Tech single tank adaptor is essential when attaching a scuba cylinder to your wing.


IST Nylon Buckle

A Nylon Buckle is ideal for keeping canister torch in its place securely, or as a replacement buckle for your weight belt.


IST Dolphin Tech Backplate Pad

The IST Dolphin Tech Backplate Pad is a backplate mounted pouch utilising the back plate’s recess to provide a convenient and streamlined storage space for your SMB for when deployment is needed. It comes with 8 screws.


IST Dolphin Tech Basic Harness Kit

As simple as it can be, Dolphin Tech Basic Harness is reliable, has no superfluous parts to fail and easy to set up. The kit comes with 4 protective sleeves to cover the webbing where it is threaded through the back plate.

Add Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap

IST Dolphin Tech Deluxe Harness

The IST Dolphin Tech deluxe harness gives divers a more comfortable set up.  It comes with anatomically shaped shoulder padding and waist cushions to soften the burden brought on by the heavy cylinder(s).


DIN Dust Cap - Cylinder

Plastic dust cap for DIN cylinder valves. The dust cap comes with a "curly" string and has an o-rin inside of it.


DIN Dust Cap - Regulator

Plastic dust cap for DIN regulator first stages protecting the DIN fitting and threads against dust, splashes and damage. Has an internal o-ring and a string attached to prevent loss. 


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