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Handheld Lights


Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld Light with 2.6 AmpH Battery

Designed to be easily transported, stored in a pocket and powerful enough to lead an extreme cave dive... even on half power. Yet simple enough for a recreational reef dive.  The Halcyon Flare EXP is strong, dependable and priced to become your go to solution for your next primary light.


Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld Light

A handheld version of Halcyon Focus 2.0 umbilical light. The Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld, with 2.5 to 5 hrs burntime, has twice the brightness of the original Focus torch for those who require a powerful adjustable beam. The fully adjustable handle can be set to left or right hand operation and folded on the lens during transport. The adjustable power switch can be set to off, low or high power.


Tovatec Fusion 1050 Torch

The Tovatec Fusion 1050 light provides an amazing amount of light for any dive whether you are diving on a wreck, in a cave or just drifting along a reef. Put the light in video mode by simply attaching your light to one of our camera tray arms, then sliding your lens to 100° beam angle.


Tovatec Fusion 1500 Torch

If you are looking for an all-rounder reliable and variable beam dive light, the Tovatec Fusion 1500 lumen light will provide an amazing amount of light for any dive. It’s a diving torch and photo/video light with a 12 to 100 degree variable beam. It has 4 light modes 30, 50, 100% & strobe. Runtime of up 2.5 hours on three AA alkaline batteries and comes with its own rechargeable single 26650 Lion battery.


Tovatec T3500 Spot Light

The T3500S Rechargeable Dive Light from Tovatec is a powerful yet compact torch suited to use as a primary dive light. It offers settings of 1750 and 3500 lumens, along with an SOS signal in case of emergency. Runtime on a fresh charge of the included 26650 battery is 1.3 hours.


OrcaTorch D530 Dive Light

OrcaTorch D530 is a must-have dive light for divers. Its 1300 lumen output and 8 degree super focus beam angle provides a concentrated long beam. The light uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers 2 lighting modes.

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OrcaTorch D550 Dive Light

OrcaTorch D550 is equipped with a totally sealed magnetic controlled tail switch which offers high waterproofness and easy operation underwater. Maximum of 970 lumen output and over 5 hours 45 minutes runtime, this portable diving torch offers high and low modes as well as an additional strobe mode.


FinnSub Finn Light 2000 Short Torch

2000 lumens with three modes - tight 5° beam with high luminous intensity in the spot and wide bounded halo. Runtime from 2.5 to 24 hours. FinnSub Finn Light 2000 Short Torch is a great choice for divers demanding the optimized light beam. Bright spot illuminates the object while halo gives the light for surroundings, it shines through the murky water and it is convenient for effective signalization. Wide bounded halo lets you know where you are. It illuminates the space in front of you without blinding your dive buddy.

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FinnSub Finn Light 3600 Short Torch

3600 lumens in a perfectly machined package allows for cord free operation. One hour of light for one unforgettable dive. Half power (1800 lumens) still outclasses most canister lights and provides two hours of usage. 3600 lumen mode provides a bright light that is safe to use on the surface. Enjoy the freedom of the cordless FinnSub Finn Light 3600 Short.

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Scubapro Nova 850 Light

The Scubapro Nova 850 Torch delivers intense illumination and brings out the vibrant colors on night dives as well as day dives. It is machined from heavy-duty aluminum so is both lightweight and built to last. Available in spot or wide beam.


Scubapro Nova 850R Light

The Scubapro Nova 850R is a smaller rechargeable version of Scubapro Nova 850. Available in spot or wide beam. It is machined from heavy-duty aluminum so is both lightweight and built to last. Available with or without battery and charger.

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Scubapro Nova 2100 Dive Light

The Scubapro Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) multi-use dive light offers both a 65º wide and a 15º spot beam. Five light modes plus an emergency signal mode provide lots of versatility. Comes as a set with both a large and a small a goodman handle, plus a pistol grip handle, a GoPro adapter, a wrist lanyard, rechargeable battery and charger packed in an EVA carry case.


Apeks Luna Adv Primary Torch

PRE-ORDER for May/June 2021

The Apeks Luna Adv Primary tech torch is a feature rich torch for the explorer and adventurer. A huge 3600 max lumens and a run-time of up to 36 hours makes this the dive light for those serious about going further.


Apeks Luna Torch

The Apeks Luna primary light has a 2000 lumen max output and up to 8 hours burn time. Three power output settings and a handy real-time battery status feedback. Fully rechargeable via USB, the Luna ships with a neoprene glove handle for hands-free use.


DivePro D5-3 Dive Light - 1150 Lumen

The DivePro D5-3 1150 Lumen dive torch is a compact underwater light made out of durable aircraft-grade aluminium which makes for a perfect low profile 10 degree beam backup. It measures only 125mm, is 100m depth rated and operated by a head-twist function with a burn time of around 110 minutes.


OrcaTorch D700 Dive Light

With a powerful maximum brightness level of 1700 lumens, the OrcaTorch D700 dive light will illuminate your underwater adventures that require bright beam, easy operation, and long runtime. 


OrcaTorch D710 Dive Light

Whether you're a recreational or a professional diver, you'll find the Orcatorch D710 dive light useful in your underwater activities. With max 3,000 lumens, the D710 is one of the strongest torches in its class.


Underwater Kinetics C4 L2 eLED Light

The Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED L2 Light is a versatile and durable primary dive light, it produces a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight, compact case. The non-rechargeable C4 eLED L2 produces 575 lumens on high and 200 lumens on low with a maximum runtime of 19 hours. Available in yellow or black.


Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon eLED L1 Torch

The non-rechargeable Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon eLED L1 is an upgrade to our legendary UK Light Cannon. This light truly lives up to its name lighting up a night dive, wreck dive, or any dive where a strong 1100 lumen primary light is needed. Available in yellow or black.


Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 MK2 Torch

Underwater Kinteics Mini Q40 MK2 torch is a compact and reliable dive light with performance you've never seen from a light this small. Equipped with a convenient push-button switch that's easy to use even with heavy gloves on, the Mini-Q40 MK2 can produce 250 lumens for 5 hours of run time.


Underwater Kinetics SL4 Sunlight eLED L1 Torch

The high intensity Underwater Kinetics SL4 Sunlight eLED L1 dive light is ideal for minimizing weight for travel due to its high brightness, small size and long burn time.

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Bestdivers Torch Holder

A useful neoprene torch holder for a small light leaves your hand free. 


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