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Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit

This simple but elegant solution provides a reliable and streamlined solution for stage/deco bottles. The Halcyon stage kit includes everything you need to configure your single cylinder for technical or overhead diving. They are available in kits for 40 and 80cft and 7 liter cylinders.

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Stage Rigging Kit for 7L, 40cf or 80cf cylinder

The Halcyon stage rigging kit includes premium stainless steel attachment hardware to provide ample security and maneuverability at exactly the right points, while avoiding ill-conceived metal-to-metal contacts.

Halcyon Stage Rigging KitThe kit includes nylon tube webbing to protect divers' water-softened skin or exposure suit from accidental cuts or abrasions. Braided nylon line ensures a hardy connection between diver and bottle, yet still allows the stage to be cut free should the need arise.

Key Features of the Halcyon Stage Kit

  • Two 1" stainless bolt snaps
  • Stainless cylinder clamp is appropriately sized for the chosen Kit: 40cf or 80cf or 7L
  • Nylon tube webbing covers stainless band, offering protection from cuts or abrasions
  • Braided nylon line creates a secure connection while avoiding the pitfalls of metal-to-metal connections
  • Elastic EPDM band is ideal for regulator storage
  • All attachment hardware can be cut free during emergency situations

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit

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