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Halcyon Explorer Wing

Halcyon Explorer Wing

Halcyon offers the Explorer wing for double tank diving . The Explorer wings are available in two lift capacities to satisfy various buoyancy requirements, and are able to accommodate a wide range of tank sizes, exposure protection, and equipment requirements.

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Wing Size

Explorer wings have been slightly modified over the years for even greater streamlining and efficiency. The Explorer wing is slightly narrower and longer, with a reduced buoyancy tube behind the neck to minimize heads-up trim. In addition, the inflator elbow is located in the back center of the wing to eliminate hitting the tank neck during full inflation.

Halcyon's Explorer wing is still made from the most rugged materials available for a buoyancy compensator. The 400 denier nylon bladder has a tighter weave and is therefore more puncture resistant than a broad weave. The Explorer's 1680 ballistic nylon outer shell is designed for maximum abrasion resistance. The two materials used together offer the best protection from damage in any wing design. Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams.

Heavy-duty zipper has a three-inch wide strip of Cordura to prevent zipper chaff on the inner bladder Two-inch webbing-reinforced backbone construction "Trap-door" drainage system allows water to drain rapidly from the outer cover to minimize excess weight and diver effort reboarding the dive boat

Inflator elbow strain relief constructed from two-inch nylon webbing minimizes wear on this connection Narrower, elongated construction improves streamlining and trim Relocated corrugated hose eliminates stress from impact with tanks

 The Explorer wings can be mated with either the Halcyon hard-coated aluminum or six pound stainless steel backplate, providing divers with a variety of weighting solutions.

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