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Fin Retainers

Worn over the heel of the fin and around the ankle (like a rubber slipper cut-out) Fin Keepers or Fin Retainers not only helps hold the fins in place during diving but prevent excess air migration into the divers' boots.


Halcyon Spring Heel Straps

These legendary Halcyon Stainless Steel Spring Straps (Spring Heels) fulfill a common desire for a fin straps that are flexible yet remain secure and resistant to breaking. By eliminating all the failures common to plastic connections, divers are freed from the risk and hassle of lost fins and broken straps.


OMS Spring Heel Straps

OMS Spring Straps are designed to fit Jetfin-style fins. These stainless steel spring heel straps come complete with pins.


XS Scuba Universal Stainless Spring Straps

What makes XS Scuba / Highland Spring Straps different to others is that they can be used on a variety of rubber and conventional fins thanks to modular attachment points.


Halcyon Stainless Spring Strap Buckle and Pin

Replacement spring heel buckle and pin for Halcyon Spring Straps. Does not include spring straps or delrin blocks.


Scubapro Buckle and Pin for Jet Fins

Original replacement buckle and buckle pin for Jet Fins. Set of one buckle and one pin.


Scubapro Buckle for Jet Fins

Original replacement buckle for Jet Fins (excluding pin)


Scubapro Jet Fin Rubber Starps

Original replacement rubber fin straps for Scubapro Jet Fins.


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