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Eezycut Trilobite Cutter

Eezycut Trilobite Cutter
Eezycut Black Eezycut Orange Eezycut Yellow Eezycut Red Harness Mount Wrist Mount
The Eezycut Trilobite is a must-have cutting tool for any diver.

This amazing gadget cuts through almost anything with ease. It is definitely one of the most innovative E.C.T. (Emergency Cutting Tools) of recent years. The Trilobite's patented cutting mechanism and design provides the cleanest, sharpest and most effortless cutting action available. It works on line, nets, string, rope, bungee, webbing and almost anything you dare to try it on!... The Trilobite's high quality steel and construct makes it incredibly robust and keeps it rust-free. It even comes with two spare blades and its own harness pouch.
Mount and Colour