Dry Suit Valves


Apeks Dry Suit Cuff Dump

The Apeks Dry Suit Cuff Dump is designed to fit in the suit cuff and allows air to be vented from the suit by simply raising the arm. Totally free from maintenance and requires no adjustment.


Apeks Drysuit Inflator Valve

The Apeks Drysuit Inflator Valve is designed to rotate 360 degrees for flexibility. Supplied with a Seatec type hose fitting. Rotation is a key feature of this valve to meet the diver's personal hose configuration.


Apeks High Profile Drysuit Exhaust Valve

The original Apeks High Profile Drysuit Exhaust Valve


Apeks Low Profile Automatic Dump Valve

Apeks low profile drysuit dump valve has the lowest profile with optimum dump rate. It has an improved ratchet feel and is ergonomically designed for ease of use.


Seatec Nipple

Seatec Nipple for Drysuit Inflator Valve.


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