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Apeks DRY 100L Dry Bag

The Apeks Dry Bag provides 113 litres of packing capacity and features a 84cm wide mouth roll-top to make it easy to stuff your kit in the bag. The bottom is a polymer reinforced foam that reduces impact force and is hard-wearing. Removable backpack straps make those long hikes to beach and cave dives way easier.

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Apeks DRY 12L Dry Bag

The DRY12’s main function is to modularly attach to the Apeks DRY100 & Apeks DRY75.

The four stainless steel karabiners on the Apeks Dry Bag DRY12 latch to the four stainless steel D-rings over the Apeks logo on the side of the DRY100. When attached, the waterproof roll-top opening on the DRY12 is conveniently located and easily accessible.


Apeks DRY 75L Dry Bag

The Apeks Dry Bag has 75 litres of carrying capacity and sports a removable drycore to keep your wet gear away from your dry gear. The main bag features a drain so you can rinse your equipment on the go and a splash proof top flap so you don’t have to unroll your pack every time you need your passport.

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Fourth Element Drypack

Adventurous diving is always going to need the right equipment to transport your gear. Designed to carry a wetsuit and other essentials, the Fourth Element Drypack is versatile and rugged enough to go with you wherever your diving takes you. Volume 50 litres.


Fourth Element Expedition Duffel Bag

The orange colour makes it easier to find your kit inside the Fourth Element Expedition Duffel Bag. Bright enough to be found more easily in low light conditions and distinctive enough to stand out amongst the bags of your fellow divers. Engineered to house heavy equipment and all your dive gear. Available in three sizes 60L, 90L and 120L.


Fourth Element Lightweight Dry-Sac

Super-lightweight Fourth Element Dry-Sac with roll top closure, ideal for keeping equipment dry thanks to waterproof taped seams. Helps to compartmentalise and organise gear within larger bags and luggage systems. Available in 5L, 15L, 20L and 30L sizes.


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