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Dive Rite

Dive Rite is the pioneering creator of technical scuba diving equipment for advanced, wreck and cave diving.


Dive Rite XT Nomad Sidemount Regulator Set

The Dive Rite XT Nomas Sidemount Regulator's ambidextrous orientation was made for sidemount. The XT left hand regulator provides the perfect hose routing for the left tank paired with our 60-inch Airflex hose and a right angle adapter. The hose no longer has to wrap around the neck where it can catch; instead the hose runs under the arm straight to the mouth using the angle adapter.


Dive Rite Bellow Horizontal Pocket

Dive Rite Bellow Horizontal Pocket. With two compartments and a lanyard for securing your valuable accessory items, the Horizontal Zip Pocket carries everything you need on a dive.

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Dive Rite Transplate Harness - XL

A hybrid harness designed for divers who want the support of a backpack-style harness for better weight-load distribution, yet wish to dive a hard metal backplate. (backplate not included)

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Dive Rite Bellows Harness Pocket

Dive Rite Harness Pocket has two compartments and a lanyard for securing your valuable accessory items, the Vertical Velcro Pocket carries everything you need on a dive.


Dive Rite Bellows Zip Pocket

Dive Rite Bellows Zip Pocket is designed in a vertical fashion with a heavy-duty zipper on the short edge of the pocket.


Dive Rite Mask and Utility Pocket

The Dive Rite Mask and Utility Pocket is designed to fit masks, handheld lights and spools, yet it's expandable design means a low profile pocket that isn't bulky.


Dive Rite Corrugated Hose

The traditional type corrugated hoses from Dive Rite. In 3 lengths. Fit most wings and BCDs.


Dive Rite Delux Hose Retainer

Keep regulator hoses lying flat and avoid kinking. Silicone strips on the inside of the band grip the tank and keep the Dive Rite Deluxe Hose Retainer from rolling.


Dive Rite Finger Spool - Large

Large Dive Rite Finger Spool with 38m braided line and stainless steel double ender.


Dive Rite Finger Spool - Small

Small Dive Rite Finger Reel with 15m braided line and Stainless Steel Double Ender.


Dive Rite Low Profile Cam Strap

Dive Rite's 1.5" wide and 36" long low profile cam strap is light weight, low profile and comes with a non-slip pad to protect tanks from scratches. The marine-grade, stainless steel buckle is also strong, yet lightweight.


Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate

Dive Rite Nomad Weight Plate is for divers who need to add weight to their rig. Carrying up to 16lbs of weight in four separate pockets, the Nomad Weight Plate attaches to the back of the Nomad using the existing grommets in the backplate. 


Dive Rite Tech Buttplate

When sidemounting stage tanks or rebreather bailout bottles, buttplate rails can be difficult to access if backmounted gear covers them up. Problem solved with the Dive Rite Tech Buttplate.


Dive Rite Hose Retainer

Dive Rite Hose Retainer is ideal for stage bottles, bailouts or sidemount configurations. This is Dive Rite's superior alternative for keeping those hoses under control.


Dive Rite Cold Water Z-Knife

The Dive Rite Coldwater Z-knife is the preference of cold-water divers wearing gloves. The handle is large and easy to grip when thick gloves are used.


Dive Rite Crotch Strap

2" Dive Rite Crotch Strap with scooter ring. Includes a neoprene sleeve to protect exposure suit from abrasion.


Dive Rite Line Cutter

The Dive Rite Line Cutter is sharper than a standard dive knife, the line cutter uses a 420 surgical grade stainless steel blade that can easily cut thru braided line, monofilament, or any other line entanglement.


Dive Rite Trauma Shears

Carried by ocean divers for use in cutting wire or fishing nets, Dive Rite Trauma Shears have salt-water ready stainless steel construction.


Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer - Pair

If you don’t have the time or patience for tying knots then, the Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer is the solution. This re-usable bungee with tab can be used to secure a bolt snap to a hose, a gauge or a light.


Dive Rite Jon Line

The Dive Rite Jon Line, contains 6ft of 1" webbing.


Dive Rite Nomad XT Sidemount System

The Nomad XT is Dive Rite's expedition sidemount system. Built on a TransPac XT base, the Nomad XT is not only suited for sidemount but can handle backmounted doubles, singles, or CCR.

Harness Size
Upgrade to Dual XT System

Dive Rite Primary Reel - 122m

Dive Rite Primary Reel with 122m / 400ft line. Complete with Stainless Steel Bolt Snap.


Dive Rite Safety Reel - 43m

Dive Rite Safety Reel (Cavern) with 43m/140ft line. Comes complete with stainless steel Bolt Snap


Dive Rite Slide Lock Primary Reel

Locking and unlocking the Dive Rite Slide Lock 250′ Reel requires one hand and a simple thumb flick. It couldn’t be any easier.


Dive Rite Slide Lock Safety Reel

Locking and unlocking the Dive Rite Slide Lock Safety Reel requires one hand and a simple thumb flick. It couldn’t be any easier. A 42m spool of braided #24 line provides the right amount as a cavern/safety reel or for shooting lift bags.


Dive Rite Nomad LS Sidemount System

The next evolution in Nomad Sidemount has come with the introduction of the Nomad LS Sidemount System. The Nomad LS builds on its "L" series predecessors to be the most streamline and capable system in the family.

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Dive Rite Classic XT Wing

The Dive Rite Classic Wing has been dived and proven many times over. Designed solely for double tanks and with the option of a single or dual bladder, the Classic XT provides 65lbs of lift, which can accommodate two 17L back mounted cylinders and two 11L stage bottles.

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Dive Rite Stainless Steel Backplate

Dive Rite's stainless steel XT backplate is one of the few backplates that is made in the USA. All Dive Rite backplates are laser cut and individually finished by hand.


Dive Rite Transpac Harness XT

With a streamline design, a mountaineer’s backpack style harness, and unmatched durability, comfort, and support, the Dive Rite TransPac XT performs at the highest level.


Dive Rite XT Lite Backplate

The next generation of lightweight backplates has arrived. Dive Rite has taken the reliability of the stainless steel backplate and combined it with the light weight characteristics of non-stainless steel backplate, Dive Rite XT Lite Backplate.


Dive Rite Rec EXP Wing

A hybrid wing, the Rec Series can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of Dive Rite's most popular wings.

Upgrade to dual bladder

Dive Rite Travel EXP Wing

A lightweight wing designed for single-tank, warm water diving,  Dive Rite's Travel series of wings are small-profile and ideal for travel and divers who wear a minimal amount of weight.


Dive Rite Voyager EXP Wing

The Voyager Series wings, donut-shaped air cells for single-tank diving, provide divers essential buoyancy control. With 35 lbs. (15.8 kg) of lift, streamlined side panels, and minimalist, oval shape, the wings’ design provides maximum comfort throughout the dive with no squeezing or restrictions.


Dive Rite ES155 Mask

The Dive Rite ES155 frameless mask offers exceptional visibility and superior comfort. Seeing clearly underwater over the entire field-of-view is possible with the ES155’s ultra clear glass in its lens design.


Dive Rite Nomad XT Wing

Available to divers who already own a Dive Rite TransPac® harness and wish to build a Nomad Sidemount System. With 50lbs/22.6 kg of lift, the Nomad XT can be a single or dual bladder wing. Its unique bladder design allows a single bladder Nomad XT to be altered to become a dual bladder wing at a later date, if desired.

Upgrade to dual bladder

Dive Rite Lockdown Screw

Replacement Lockdown Screw for Dive Rite Reels.


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