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Dive Rite Low Profile Cam Strap

Dive Rite Low Profile Cam Strap

Dive Rite's 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) wide and 36" long low profile cam strap is light weight, low profile and comes with a non-slip pad to protect tanks from scratches. The marine-grade, stainless steel buckle is also strong, yet lightweight.

SKU BC2036-1.5

The low-profile, 1.5 inch cam  strap (BC2036-1.5) is a popular option for rigging sidemount or stage bottles. Using a low profile marine grade stainless steel roller cam buckle, the 1.5 inch wide strap is 36 inches (91.4cm) in length and is user adjustable to fit cylinders from 5 inches in diameter up to 8 inches (20.3cm) in diameter.

Rubber non-slip pad prevents the cylinder from shifting once the cam strap is secured. Excess webbing is secures using Velcro, which will also prevent the buckle from accidentally coming open.

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