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Various sizes of cords and bungees have become the essentials of divers who are streamlined and want to keep their gear under control.

Cords, Bungee & Webbing


Braided Nylon Reel Line

Replacement braided nylon line. #24 as a 1lb. spool, 207m. Approximate thickness 2 mm (as in most SMB reel lines).


Bungee Shock Cord

Black Bungee / Shock Cord in 4mm, 3mm or 5mm thickness. The 4mm is suitable in thickness and stretch for most applications while the 3mm provides extra flexibility with a thinner profile. 5mm is for where a robust, less flexible bungee is necessary.


DIR Zone Harness Webbing

4m replacement webbing.


Halcyon Harness Webbing

Webbing replacement for Secure Harness (no hardware)

H Colour

OMS SmartStream Harness

The OMS SmartStream harness webbing kit including quick adjust assemblies, all Stainless Steel or Aluminium hardware and crotch strap can be used on any conventional backplate for single or double tank diving. The webbing and assemblies allow a continuous loop fixed "Hogarthian" harness to be used as an adjustable one. This quick-adjust system was developed to alleviate adjustment challenges which may arise while donning a heavy rig. By pulling the waist straps forward, the shoulder straps secure to the diver’s shoulders and back - allowing proper adjustments to be instantly achieved. This uniquely adjustable OMS system allows the use of OMS weight pockets or a place to hold a canister light. Does not include optional backplate.

Aluminium or Steel Hardware

OMS Webbing Replacement

2" OMS replacement harness webbing replacement complete with a grommet.


Protective Nylon Webbing

One metre of protective cover for jubilee clamps to avoid scratching of cylinders and damage to other equipment by sharp edges of the jubilee bands.


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