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Halcyon Harness Webbing

Webbing replacement for Secure Harness (no hardware)

H Colour

DIR Zone Harness Webbing

4m replacement webbing.


Halcyon Cinch Adjustable Harness

The Halcyon Cinch redefines what it means to dive a back-plate, building upon a platform of simplicity while providing unprecedented security and ease of adjustment.

If you need a quick way to get out of your dive system; if you regularly change the thickness of your diving suit; or if you train new students in Halcyon rental equipment, this new invention will change the way you dive.

save 9%

Halcyon Harness Webbing Kit

The Halcyon Harness Webbing Kit includes all stainless steel hardware, crotch strap and webbing yto built a complete single loop harness with any backplate.


Halcyon MC Storage Pak Bolt Kit

A full replacement stainless steel bolt kit for the Halcyon MC Storage Pak and Deluxe Pads. Set of 8.


Halcyon Deluxe Harness Pads

Halcyon offers a Deluxe Harness Pad upgrades. The complete set includes a set of shoulder pads and a backplate pad for the ultimate comfort while diving in thinner exposure suits. The backplate pad also features a BC storage pocket allowing the diver to carry a surface marker or lift bag in a streamlined position.


Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket

This innovative Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket provides both convenient storage and flexible weighting. The pocket has the convenient design features you have come to expect from Halcyon pockets. Two triglides allow the diver to secure the pocket to either Cinch™ ACB holders or the waist strap of a Halcyon Secure Harness™ (non-cinch). The pocket can be secured to either side of the diver’s waist.

save 7%

DIR Zone Adjustable Harness

An adjustable harness with an innovative stainless steel ‘break’ in each shoulder that eliminates the need to use weaker plastic clips.


Halcyon MC Storage Pak

The special MC Storage Pak mounts between the diver's back and the Halcyon backplate, attached to the backplate on all sides and is used to store lift bags and SMBs.


Halcyon Backplate only

Halcyon Carbon Fibre, Stainless Steel or Aluminium backplate (no harness).

Backplate Type

IST Dolphin 2" Tech Crotch Strap

With its soft, standard 5cm/2" wide webbing this crotch strap further secures and stabilises your scuba rig to your torso without causing any discomfort.


Halcyon Backplate and Standard Harness

Specially designed for mating with all Halcyon and conventional wings the Halcyon Backplate is available in stainless steel or aluminum. The utility holes allows the attachment of he optional MC Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices.

Backplate Type
Add Halcyon MC Storage Pak

Hollis Backplate

The Hollis Backplate is available in stainless steel or black aluminium

Backplate Type

Agir-Brokk 6mm s/s Backplate

Agir-Brokk 6mm s/s Backplate is twice the tickness of standard stainless steel backplate. Weight 5.1kg without a harness.

save 32%

IST Dolphin Tech Deluxe Harness

The deluxe harness gives the diver a more comfortable set up than the basic harness. It comes with anatomically shaped shoulder padding and waist cushions to soften the burden brought on by the heavy cylinder(s).


IST Dolphin Tech Backplate

Individually press-formed and all edges de-burred, Dolphin Tech back plates have 5cm (2”) slots for the harness and crotch strap. Available in stainless steel or aluminium.

Backplate Type

Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate and Standard Harness

Halcyon carbon fiber backplate with complete secure harness, crotch strap and all stainless hardware. Can be used with all Halcyon and conventional wings.  The utility holes allow attachment of the optional MC Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices. Adaptable to be used on twinsets and single tank wings (can be used with double cam bands or a single tank adapter).

Backplate Size

OMS SS Backplate with 'DIR' Harness

OMS Stainless Steel Backplate with continuous loop harness. Comes assembled with all hardware for DIR harness.


xDeep 3D Mesh Pads

The XDeep 3D Mesh Shoulder and Back Pads add extra comfort to your XDeep wing system. The pads are neutrally buoyant and won't compress at depth. Full set includes shoulder pads and back pad with fitting bolts. Back and shoulder pads are also available separately.

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Hollis Elite 2 Adjustable Harness

The Hollis Elite 2 Harness System offers you all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for.

Add Hollis Backplate

Halcyon Backplate with Cinch Adjustable Harness

Halcyon Stainless Steel or Aluminium Backplate with adjustable Cinch Harness. Come fully assembled.

Backplate Type
Add MC Storage Pak

OMS Stainless Steel Backplate

The OMS Stainless Steel Backplate weighting at 2.3Kg (5lb)  is heavy duty and designed to work with single tanks or doubles, depending on preference. With multiple mounting holes, waistband holes and accessory holes, the backplate is designed to maximise comfort and flexibility. All OMS backplates are coined and polished so you will never have to worry about charp edges or wear from the plate.


Apeks Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness

This simple, yet strong, Apeks Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness can take the load of a fully rigged technical diver. It can be easily customized with the hardware of your choice. (Backplate not included)


Apeks Backplate

Aluminium or Stainless Steel Apeks backplate without harness.

Steel or Aluminium

Hollis Solo Harness

Designed to meet all the needs of demanding technical divers, the Hollis Solo Harness System is clean, simple, and foolproof. Backplate not included.

Add Hollis Backplate

OMS Aluminum Backplate

The OMS Aluminum Backplate is made by a superior de-burring process which helps elimate sharp edges on the Backplate. The Backplate is extremely lightweight, weighing in at a mere 0.8kg (1.7lb), so it is the perfect accessory to travel with. All OMS backplates are coined and polished so you will never have to worry about charp edges or wear from the plate.


OMS SmartStream Harness

The OMS SmartStream Harness Kit allow a continuous loop fixed "Hogarthian" harness to be used as an adjustable one. This quick-adjust system was developed to alleviate adjustment challenges which may arise while donning a heavy rig. By pulling the waist straps forward, the shoulder straps secure to the diver’s shoulders and back - allowing proper adjustments to be instantly achieved.

The OMS SmartStream Harness Kit includes everything to built a adjustable single loop harness for any conventional backplate for single or double tank diving. Backplate not included.

Aluminium or Steel Hardware

xDeep Backplate with Harness

Complete DIR harness with aluminum or 3mm stainless steel backplate.

Backplate Type

OMS Harness Webbing Kit

OMS Harness Webbing Kit includes everything needed to build your own single loop harness.


OMS Back Pad

The OMS Backplate Pad can be easily added on any OMS Backplate to create an additional layer of comfort. The OMS Pad offers a unique accessory pocket accessed along the bottom of the pad that can be used for lift bag or SMB storage.

save 30%

Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate

Halcyon's Carbon Fiber Backplate is the lightest backplate offered by this leading manufacturer and acts as an ideal light-weight travel plate for wing divers. Weighing only 480 gr. the backplate has cam-band slots as well as bolt holes allowing various attachment options.


Scubapro X-Tek Shoulder Pads

Add a bit of comfort with a pair of Scubapro X-Tek Shoulder Pads - Fits over the Scubapro X-Tek harness range.


IST Dolphin Tech Backplate Pad

The pouch utilises the back plate’s recess to provide a convenient and streamlined storage space for your SMB which will be in a handy position when deployment is needed. Comes with 8 screws.


Apeks WTX Harness

The most versatile soft-back harness from Apeks. Solid construction coupled with durable materials making Apeks WTX Harness a cornerstone for many applications.


OMS SmartStream Quick Adjust Assembling

The OMS SmartStream Quick Adjust Assembly allow a continuous loop fixed "Hogarthian" harness to be used as an adjustable one. This quick-adjust system was developed to alleviate adjustment challenges which may arise while donning a heavy rig. By pulling the waist straps forward, the shoulder straps secure to the diver’s shoulders and back - allowing proper adjustments to be instantly achieved.

SS or Ali Hardware

Dive Rite Transplate Harness

A hybrid harness designed for divers who want the support of a backpack-style harness for better weight-load distribution, yet wish to dive a hard metal backplate. (backplate not included)


Halcyon Carbon Fiber Cinch Backplate

Convert your Halcyon Eclipse Wing System to a light weight travel unit with a Halcyon Carbon Fiber Cinch Backplate. Built in cinch and single tank adapter. Only works with wings with camband slots i.e. Halcyon Traveller Pro marked wings.

Add Cinch Harness

xDeep NX Backplate and Harness

The xDeep NX Series back plate is comfortable, stable and protective of your back. Choose either standard single loop harness or a deluxe version with quick release clips and shoulder pads.

Backplate Type
Harness Type

IST Dolphin Tech Basic Harness Kit

As simple as it can be, Dolphin Tech Basic Harness is reliable, has no superfluous parts to fail and easy to set up. The kit comes with 4 protective sleeves to cover the webbing where it is threaded through the back plate.

Add Dolphin Tech Crotch Strap

Scubapro X-Tek Form Harness

The three-piece Scubapro X-TEK Form Harness system provides the perfect combination of padding and adjustment for fit and comfort, along with quick-release buckles for the ultimate in ease of use.


Scubapro X-Tek Backplate Storage Pack

The Scubapro X-Tek Backplate storage pack allows for an inflatable device such as a DSMB or a liftbag to be neatly stored behind a divers back. Bacplate not included.


Scubapro X-Tek Stainless Steel Backplate

Scubapro X-Tek Stainless Steel Backplate features optimized stability. Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and eliminates back stress on extended dives.


Scubapro X-Tek Pure Tek Harness

Scubapro X-Tek Pure Tek Harness creates a comfortable foundation for building a system to carry single or double tanks. Includes webbing harness and hardware.

Add X-Tek Crotch Starp
Add X-Tek Backplate
Add X-Tek Storage Pack

Dive Rite Transpac Harness XT

With a streamline design, a mountaineer’s backpack style harness, and unmatched durability, comfort, and support, the Dive Rite TransPac XT performs at the highest level.


Dive Rite XT Lite Backplate

The next generation of lightweight backplates has arrived. Dive Rite has taken the reliability of the stainless steel backplate and combined it with the light weight characteristics of non-stainless steel backplate, Dive Rite XT Lite Backplate.


Scubapro X-Tek Soft Travel Backplate

Scubapro's X-Tek Soft Travel Backplate is completely flexible which makes it much easier to pack than a traditional solid single tank adapter. Stainless steel grommets ensure the holes do not rip through, two sets of centre holes allow assembly with other backplates.


Scubapro X-Tek Backplate Aluminium

Scubapro X-Tek Aluminium Backplate - The perfect travel companion, maximum stability despite low weight.


Scubapro X-Tek Pro Harness

The Scubapro X-Tek Pro Harness with SS backplate is an excellent choice for divers looking for the security of one-piece harness but would like like a little more comfort and quick release shoulder strap.

save 13%

Dive Rite Stainless Steel Backplate

Dive Rite's stainless steel XT backplate is one of the few backplates that is made in the USA. All Dive Rite backplates are laser cut and individually finished by hand.


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