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Agir Brokk Harpa Adjustable Harness

Make your harness adjustable without cutting it in half. The Agir Brokk Harpa enables a single piece harness to be easily adjusted by pulling the waist strap. Webbing glides easily until it is loaded. Can be fitted to any 3mm backplate with minimum webbing slots of 53mm.


Agir-Brokk Star Handwheels
A pair of accessory nuts for replacing the standard metric wing nuts. Max 15mm bolt length out from backplate.

Apeks Long Hose Retainer

The Apeks Hose Retainer is used to retain the long hose when diving in a long hose configuration without the need for a canister light.


Cinch Weight Pocket Adapters

A pair of Halcyon Cinch Weight Pocket Adapters to secure the ACB integrated weight pockets to Halcyon Cinch Harness .



D-ring, 2" (51mm) stainless steel. Available in straight or bent used as a shoulder D-ring.

Straight or Bent

Delrin Thumbwheels

The Delrin Thumbwheels are designed as an option instead of the traditional metal wing nuts. The unique 3 point system gives you better grip when handling with gloves or in cold water.


DIR Zone Harness Kit

Complete DIR Zone Harness Kit with SS hardware.


DIR Zone Harness Webbing

4m replacement webbing.


DIR Zone Inflator

Replacement wing inflator. Corrugated hose diameter 2.2cm.


DIR Zone Inflator Service Kit

Suitable for all Dir Zone inflators.


DIR Zone Storage Pack
Storage pack for DIR Zone backplates is designed for placing a SMB or a lifting bag between the backplate and diver's back.

DirZone Adjustable Buckle Set

DirZone adjustable Stainless Steel Belt Buckle Set ( 1 Set )


Dive Rite Corrugated Hose

The traditional type corrugated hoses from Dive Rite. In 3 lengths. Fit most wings and BCDs.


Halcyon ACB 10lbs Weight System

Halcyon Active Control Ballast (ABC) Weight System, 5 lbs (2.25 kg) per side. Side release buckle prevents accidental weight loss and allows the diver or dive buddy to quickly release and/or replace part or all of their ballast as the need requires. Ideal for traveling diver.


Halcyon Cinch Adaptor Plate

A specially designed riser creates a slick surface that allows your webbing to slide freely when needed but to remain secure while standing up with tanks on your back.


Halcyon Cinch Bolt Extender

The Halcyon Cinch Quick-adjust system may be used with a single or double tank configuration. The Halcyon bolt extender allows divers to extend a short lower bolt where necessary.

Imperial or Metric

Halcyon Cinch Bolt Kit

Spare bolt kit for the Halcyon Cinch Harness System. Comprised of four (two 1/4 - 20 by 3/8, two 1/4 - 20 by 5/8) SS bolts with weldmate nuts.


Halcyon Cinch Complete Light Retainer

The replacement Halcyon Cinch Light Retainer assembly consists of two pieces and enables easy adjustability of the diver’s harness while wearing a hip mounted primary light.


Halcyon Cinch D-Ring Assembly

The Cinch D-ring assembly attaches to the Halcyon Cinch plate and is fully adjustable, allowing the diver to select an optimal position for the D-ring.


Halcyon Cinch Light Retainer Buckle

Replacement light retainer buckle for Halcyon Cinch Harness.


Halcyon Cinch Quick Adjust Crotch Strap

The Halcyon Quick-adjust crotch strap is webbed with an adjustable buckle that allows rapid resizing while eliminating any dangling webbing.


Halcyon Complete Inflator Unit

Complete Halcyon inflator unit. Includes: Corrugated inflator hose, power inflator and inflator elbow.


Halcyon Corrugated Hose

12" corrugated BC inflator hose.


Halcyon Crotch Strap

Adjustable 2" Halcyon crotch strap with front and rear D-rings.


Halcyon Deluxe Harness Pads

Halcyon offers a Deluxe Harness Pad upgrade featuring a set of shoulder pads and a backplate pad for the ultimate comfort while diving in thinner exposure suits. The backplate pad also features a BC storage pocket allowing the diver to carry a surface marker or lift bag in a streamlined position.


Halcyon Harness Webbing

Webbing replacement for Secure Harness (no hardware)


Halcyon Harness Webbing Kit

Secure Harness webbing kit, includes stainless steel hardware, crotch strap and webbing


Halcyon Inflator Elbow

Replacement BC inflator elbow.


Halcyon Inflator Retainer O-ring

Replacement retainer O-ring to keep wing inflator unit next to the left hand shoulder d-ring.


Halcyon Knife Pocket

Halcyon replacement knife pocket for Halcyon Titanium Knife.


Halcyon MC Storage Pak

The special MC Storage Pak mounts between the diver's back and the Halcyon backplate, attached to the backplate on all sides and is used to store lift bags and SMBs.


Halcyon MC Storage Pak Bolt Kit

A full replacement stainless steel bolt kit for the Halcyon MC Storage Pak and Deluxe Pads. Set of 8.


Halcyon Octogrip Pad

Protect your tank finish! This OctoGrip replacement pad was developed by Halcyon for use with their single tank adapters to protect the tank from the stainless steel buckle digging in.


Halcyon Octogrip Strap

Single tank Octogrip strap replacement with stainless Super Cam Buckle.


Halcyon Over-Pressure Dump Valve

Replacement over-pressure dump valve for wings, BCDs and lift devices.


Halcyon Single Tank Adapter

The stainless steel Halcyon Single Tank Adapter allows divers to secure single tank wing and backplate to a single cylinder. Includes cam bands with stainless steel buckles.


Halcyon Single Tank Adapter Weight

The Halcyon Single Tank Adaptor Weight fits inside the Halcyon convertible STA. Epoxy coated. Weight: 2.7kg/6lbs. (Due to weight these items only ship within UK mainland only.)


Halcyon STA Bolt Kit (for Single Tank Adapter)

Replacement bolt kit for Halcyon Single Tank Adapter. Imperial.


Halcyon Weight Belt Buckle

Stainless steel weight belt buckle


Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket

This innovative Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket provides both convenient storage and flexible weighting. The pocket has the convenient design features you have come to expect from Halcyon pockets. Two triglides allow the diver to secure the pocket to either Cinch™ ACB holders or the waist strap of a Halcyon Secure Harness™ (non-cinch). The pocket can be secured to either side of the diver’s waist.


Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter

Divers who are able to remove unnecessary weight from their waist enjoy greater comfort and better in-water position. Convertible weighted single tank adapter, stainless steel, 6lbs weighted.


Halcyon Wing Replacement Bladder

Replacement inner or outer bladder for Halcyon Eclipse, Explorer or Evolve wings.

Type & Size

Harness Snoopy Loop

Replacement rubber snoopy loop for harness.


Hollis Cam Band

Heavy duty webbing cam band with Delrin clamp.


IST Cam Strap
The strong, lightweight cam buckle can withstand rigorous use. Supple 2" (5cm) webbing. Fits cylinders with diameter 6.9" to 8" weight 0.3lbs/140g

OMS Back Pad

The OMS Backplate Pad can be easily added on any OMS Backplate to create an additional layer of comfort. The OMS Pad is a new design and also offers a unique accessory pocket accessed along the bottom of the pad that can be used for lift bag or marking tube storage.


OMS Camband

The OMS 2" Nylon Cam Band with Plastic Buckle is 36" in length and includes the OMS Friction Pad.


OMS Crotch Strap

2 inch wide OMS Crotch Strap with two stainless steel d-rings and tri-glides.


OMS Friction Pad
The OMS Friction Pad can be used with any 50mm wide camband straps to provide additional grip.

OMS Harness Pocket

The OMS Harness Pocket is a brand new product from Ocean Management Systems, offering top quality for an affordable price. This robust, expandable pocket with a low profile boasts a large storage area, a slimmer inner slate (tables/wetnotes) pocket and a smaller outside zip pocket all held together and closed with secure velcro fasteners. The pocket has a flexible  hard flat back and harness loop for 2 inch webbing.


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